Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ready To Let It ALL Go

I can't stop thinking about Monday late afternoon. The blow up of the Lolo Creek Complex Fire had us all going around our homes gathering our valuables... The material items that really meant something to us. Little trinkets or items that hold a lot of dear memories to us. Items such as my wedding dress, our bibles, photo albums and finished scrapbooks of the girls, our external hard drive and computer that hold all of our files and photos. We loaded up our fire proof box that holds our important paperwork like birth certificates, passports, vehicle titles, taxes, and our marriage certificate. Joel grabbed the plaque of his Baseball Hall of Fame team photo, his guns and of course the 4 buckets of softballs! (Coach Joel ;) Alyn's important items were her bible, catchers gear, trophies and softball tournament shirts. Arly decided to grab her Avalanche uniform, bible, photos hanging in her room and her kindle. 

If you've been following along, you know that we're packed and ready for evacuation. 

In order to be completely ready before we left our home, we took photos of every room. 

This what I saw.... And frankly, I've debated on whether or not I wanted to share. But I think it will embarrass me enough to do something about all the 'stuff' here. 
To be completely honest with you, I had NO idea how bad things had really gotten as far as being so disorganized, until I took these photos. I knew it was time to start purging but I didn't realize I was this big of a hoarder. 

And to think, I was willing and ready to walk away from it all. Still am. 


We spend so much time thinking about organizing our stuff. Rearranging. Shuffling through the stuff. Stuff. Stuff that is just cluttering our lives. Stuff that you live with. Stuff that just takes over your peace. Stuff that keeps you from having people over. Stuff that makes you uncomfortable in your own home. 

Stuff. And that's all it is. 

You know what I really want to do? Take it all about 2 miles over the mountain and let it all burn. 

But we know that's not a reality. But I'm done with it all. I'm going to attack the stuff that causes so much chaos in my life.

Consider these the before photos. 

If you have tips or ideas that would help me, I would appreciate it so much. 

I'm tired of living with the stuff. 

I won't let the stuff decide how I feel or take up any place in my mind anymore. Stuff causes chaos and I'm over it.  

It's going to be a HUGE job... But I'm up for the peace. 


Fire update:
Today was a calm day. Not much new here. Just more waiting. But even more praying. We are suppose to get a thunderstorm which means possible erratic winds, lightning but also RAIN! Pray for rain!


  1. Girl, that is how my house was. I started with one small area so I didn't feel overwhelmed. I had a donate, sell, trash and keep pile. Once I was done, I went through the keep pile one more time and questioned if I was going to "miss" that thing. Then at the end of day or just small space, things got put into bags. We have a fb yard sale group in our area and for the sale items, I use that. Or you can save for a garage sale.

    I used to have a hard time letting go of stuff, because 1) I paid a lot of money for it, 2) I "might" need it someday or 3) I liked it, but didn't love it.

    Happy Organizing. Remember, small areas at a time. And stop buying stuff :)

  2. I need to do the same... yours looks better than mine now that I actually LOOK at mine. Game on, stuff, you are on notice.

  3. Check out They have a different way of looking at the world of stuff.