Monday, August 19, 2013

Through Smoke

If I were to share my feelings with you about today, I would tell you how calm, cool and collected we were but also very cautious, eager and prayerful. 

Let me explain. 

Last night I noticed a big cloud of smoke just over the mountain out of our front door. Now that we've lived in the mountains for the past 5 years, this sight is not uncommon. We've seen many a wildfire roll through these parts...

When I woke up this morning, I was sure to keep my eye on the billow of smoke but we kept about our daily business. The girls were starting their school today and I was planning our Scentsy team meeting for tonight. 

I got a call from our friends that live about 1 1/2 miles up the highway asking for some laundry soap as she wanted to wash all their clothes from church camp and didn't want to run to town. 

About that same time she called, Joel pulled in the driveway to surprise us with a quick visit and snuggle time before he was due to get on a plane and be gone for the week. He casually mentioned that there was a Fire Info camp set up at the gas station about a mile to the east of us.

After our friend stopped to grab the laundry soap (yep, I let her borrow the new Scentsy soap and tub of whiffs ;) she drove down to the info and they told her that she couldn't go back home!!! 

In a matter of just about 30 minutes, the fire had blown out of control! What started as 2 pretty small fires from lightning strikes Saturday night (remember the storm i told you about at camp?!) grew over 2,000 acres in a matter or about an hour. 

At this point, Joel thankfully decided to cancel his trip so he could help get our home and family prepared but also to help friends try to save as much as they can up the creek. (Up the creek!? Ummm yep!)

This is the photo I took just before I started taking photos of all of our possessions in our home. 
Because of the blog post a wrote the end of July, I had an idea of where to start and what to do in this situation. 

It only took about 30 minutes to gather everything we needed and put at the front door. One thing I realized is that we have entirely too much stuff that don't hold value in our lives at all. (More on this later)

The girls were getting increasingly nervous and scared but we just prayed that The Lord would calm their fears and we talked a lot about how stuff is just stuff. 

Joel drove up to our friends' home to help them water down their lawn, propane tank and home. He was home in time for dinner and since we've just been watching the news and holding our kiddos. 

As of right now, our neighborhood is on voluntary evacuation. Most everyone we know is staying. We have a large field across our street that may be used for fire camp before too long. We have neighbors who's brother is in charge of the fire fighting tomorrow who is staying there too so that is comforting. 

I want you all to know that we appreciate everyone's prayers and offers to help. We are overwhelmingly blessed to have you in our lives. We have past along your offers to those that need it most. 

Here is an idea of how fast this fire (now called The Lolo Creek Complex Fire) ran out of control in a matter of just a few hours. 
(This is about 6-8 miles up the road from our turn... Photo taken from the Missoulian website)

Our friend posted this photo tonight as they were set to evacuate and I just love this verse- 

Please continue to pray for the safety of all fire crews... On ground and in air, and for everyone and their homes who life in our area.
Ill be keeping everyone updated through the day tomorrow via my Facebook page and Instagram. 

Through smoke... I see the sovereignty of our God. 


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