Saturday, August 31, 2013

Date Night

Lord knows I could be a better wife. I long to be the perfect spouse but fall short... Way short. 

Joel and I haven't been on a date since little Bear was born back in December. We were way past due. 

We had the sweetest girl watch our girls while we went downtown for dinner and some entertainment. 

We started our night off at Tamarack Brewing Company where we enjoyed a beverage and I had a chicken brie sandwich. I've waited a whole month to have Brie and bread! 

Joel and I both noticed how big the portions are when you go out to eat... Way too much food! I think we'll be splitting from now on. 

We had about an hour to kill while we waited for our evening entertainment so we walked, hand in hand, up the Main Street in Downtown Missoula. We love our city.  There is so much creativeness here. (Keep Missoula weird!) 

We ended up at Worden's Market - the best little deli/market in town. They have almost every kind of gelato, hot sauce and chocolate you can think of! 
It reminded me that we need to go there more often. I love our downtown. 
All the shops were closed but it was still light enough to do some window peaking. I found the cutest dining room chairs - now on my wish list! 

Around 9 we headed down to the Elbow Room so we could listen to our friend Leon perform as the Piano Man. Talk about talent! He can play almost any song that you request. Joel and I made a few requests and sang the whole time we were there. 
Yes, Margaritaville was our first song we danced to as husband and wife. Long story short... Our band was drunk. 

We had such a relaxing time. It was amazing to just be with each other, having quality and silly conversations and at times not even talking at all. 

We will definitely be going out together more often. Tonight was amazing. 

It is so important to take time to enjoy your marriage. What do you do to keep your marriage strong and fresh? What are some date night ideas that you think would be fun? 

Until tomorrow (we are off on a last minute vacation and I'm not sure we'll have cell service - gotta love the mountains- but we are surprising our girls!) 


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