Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey you OULAgins!

I've been working on spending more one on one time with my girls. I think we all enjoy our company more when we get quality time together. So tonight, Arly and I went to our very first Oula class! Now I didn't know much about Oula other than it was created in Missoula... get it... MissOULA! I also knew that it was all about dancing! What!?!? I am NOT a dancer... and even when I've had a few to loosen me up, I'm still NOT a dancer!

Arly and I got the reminder from our neighbor and friend around 4pm that class was still on in our little town at the gym at 6pm. I tried to think of EVERY excuse not to go.

I was tired.
I don't dance.
I needed to cook dinner.
My baby might get hungry.
I have Scentsy work to catch up on.
I still needed to plan my week.
I showered already once today.

But... then when little Alyn asked me if I was going, I knew that was what I was suppose to do. The reasons for going totally outweighed the reasons to not.

I got to know my neighbor and friend better.
I wanted to show my girls that fitness is important.
Joel was coming home right at 5 so I could make the class.
I need to lose some baby weight... or just weight in general.
I knew it would be a fun night with just Arly and me.
Sweating feels so good.

So... that's what we did. I'm so glad we went! We laughed so hard... we were "WOOO"ing with the rest of the OULAgins and we gave each other more high-fives than we have all year!

I loved this time with Arly. She is growing up too fast. I was just thinking that we only have 7 more summers together before she is an adult. *tear  It felt like we got to know each other a little bit better tonight. It's like we have an even more special bond. I'm so happy that I have decided to be more intentional about being a mom first.... everything else second.

If you are wonder exactly what Oula is, check out their website.

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