Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's a Brand New Day!

As most of you know, I had my baby girl almost 8 months ago. What some of you could probably guess, I'm holding on to a LOT of extra weight. 

Joel and I want to have more children if The Lord allows but we both know that we need to get healthy before that day comes. We need to start leading healthy lives with our 3 girls so they can grow up knowing how to take care of themselves and make good choices with food. 

I've always been a Monday girl like I told you in a previous post.... But not today. Today I am a Thursday girl. Today I started a 30 days to fit challenge (with Joel) thanks to our friend, Jenny. 

We are using Arbonne products to help cleanse our bodies and start new eating habits. It's not a diet, just a change in what you eat and how you eat. I'm not a calorie counter, point watcher, no carb yoyo, starve yourself skinny kind of woman. I like to eat. But the problem was that I was eating the wrong kinds of food. 

We told our girls that we need to start eating foods God provided for us and depend less on what man has made. More whole foods, less packaged foods. When eating out, we need to make better choices. We basically started calling our food - fuel. So now, we talk a lot about 'good gas' and 'bad gas.' If I didn't tell you that, you'd think we were a super gassy family if you heard us talking like that ;)

The challenge is for 30 days and it's based in a 'Biggest Loser' style weight loss. 

I've never been this so insecure about my physical appearance in all my life (wait, I take that back. I realllllly didn't like myself after I had Arly over 10 years ago)

It's time to develop a little discipline in my life - and this blog is helping me so much. I'm an 'all or nothing' girl so I'm ready to change it all right now. 

I'm also 'committing' to the Scentsy Wellness challenge too! I love that our Scentsy Family cares so much about us too that they have developed a whole program to help their consultants get healthy and fit. 

I need your help though. I need you to hold me accountable. Today I weighed in and almost died when I saw the scale. 176 pounds. I am NOT proud of that number at all. In fact, I'm really embarrassed of it. But what I'm more upset about is being out of breath when I play with the girls, shopping at the bottom of the jean pile at The Buckle, and having 'chub rub' chaffing when I wear my summer skirts. 

I tell you this because it is real. It is me. And I'm ready for change. I don't want to prove my insanity by doing the same things I have done and expect a different result. I'm ready for change. 

Everyday for the next 30 days, I'm going to share what I eat each day at the bottom of every post.  Carrie Underwood keeps a food journal (so I heard!) and I really wouldn't mind looking more like her! Wink!

Breakfast: pineapple and grapes & protein shake

Lunch: grilled chicken on a bed of kale, chard and spinach with Italian dressing and broccoli and carrots

Snack: chips and salsa 

Dinner: chop house salad (we are traveling so right away we're learning how to eat the right foods on the menu: boy oh boy the chicken fry sounds so good!) the salad was a grilled steak to almost perfection on top of lettuce and spinach, with a light balsamic dressing and grilled red onions! Yum!

I just read tonight on a Pinterest post that 'Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.'
That really hit me. I can do 30 days of anything ( well almost) so that I can have better habits for the rest of my life. 

Thanks for listening tonight. 

Here's to a healthy journey! Slurp!


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  1. So happy for you and proud to say I am on this journey with you! A healthy me, here I come!!! Down 4lbs in 10 days. Eating to appetite(not finishing everything on my plate if I'm not hungry for it) and working out 3-4 days a week for 90mins. I feel fuller and stronger than ever!!