Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Than Anything.

That's how much I love my husband. 

Everyday I look for something to blog about. Sometimes it's very obvious what I should write and sometimes it's a prompting from the Holy Spirit. And tonight, that's what it was. 

I'm so blessed to be the other half of Joel. From the moment we met over 12 years ago, I knew he was the one. That sounds so cliche doesn't it? But it's true. 
Life for us hasn't always been rainbows and butterflies. We've had some pretty crappy life events that tried to get in the way of our marriage. We had to work hard on a few things and we still are overcoming a few obstacles together. But I can honestly say that he stole my heart and every day I love him more. 

Lets just talk about today. 

He got up earlier than anyone in the house and he seriously is quieter than a mouse (or spider!) when he gets ready for work. 
He always give me a kiss when he leaves the house. Always. 
The girls too.  
He called and texted me several times a day just to see how I'm doing. Just to talk about my day. 

He works hard at a job that is high stress and does it with a joyful heart knowing he is there for a reason. 

He met me at our booth to help me with the night shift even after he has worked a full day already. 

He took Avin for most of the night. He could hold her forever. 

He engaged in conversations with another other coaches (long conversations!) as they walked by because he wants to be the best coach and dad to our big girls. 

He served me dinner that I packed for us. 

He has a passion for our business and wants to share it with everyone that walks under our tent. 
(Yes that's really me!)
He tolerated my mood swings and knew when to encourage and when to stay quiet. 

He drove the car up so Avin and I didn't have to walk on the dusty road in the alley at 11pm. 

He followed me about 3 car lengths behind the whole 10 miles to our home. 

He helped me bag up all the garbage, donate and garage sale stuff from Arly's surprise closet clean out. (That'll be a whole blog post later)

He took all the garbage out so it'd be ready for the garbage truck in the morning. 

He did the dishes while I fed Avin and put her to bed. 

He comforted me  and hugged away my tears when I left Avin on the bed for a split second and she fell off... Again. 
(Man that girl is fast... )
He brought me water and my vitamins (because he always remembers when I forget)

He skipped Sports Center because he knew I wanted him to just be in my presence as I lay here and type the post on my phone. (Fast thumbs!)

I love him. I'm thankful for him. I'm blessed. 


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