Monday, June 6, 2016

Spry's BIG News

That's right, not because of circumstance.... But because of choice. 

Joel and I were born and raised in South Dakota... Went to college and were married there... Had our first two babies and purchased our first home there. We are SD people. 

Eight years ago we moved to Missoula MT and have loved every moment of it. We have met friends here whom we will always consider family. We met Jesus here and have the most amazing church family. We had two more babies here. We started Scentsy here that has blessed our lives beyond measure. We love the mountains and rivers and everything in between. Our softball community is the best. It's going to incredibly hard to leave here. 

Now here's the reality of our hearts. Everything about moving back home feels so right. We are currently 11-13 hours away from any family and all family (minus the military siblings). This means that almost every birthday, celebration, and holidays are spent without family and sometimes feel like any other normal day. Two summers ago, we lost Joel's father to cancer. We travelled back as often as we could to see him and spend his last months together but by being so far away, it was difficult and we always wished we had more time together. This past year, with Anchor's super early arrival, our family bent over backwards to help us out. Some of them spent their annual vacation time off to come serve our family at the drop of a hat. Another component is that my grandparents are still living and I want nothing more than my children to have time to get to know them better and hear their stories. We want our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews to be a present part of our lives. We want them to be there to cheer for our kids and celebrate life's precious moments with them... And us for them too. Being away for 8 years is long enough for us. It's time. If we could move them all up here, we would. But we can't... And so we must go. 

Some may ask where?.... Philip , South Dakota (population about 800) in west central South Dakota. Our kiddos will adjust to small town life just fine I think. They spent 3 weeks last summer there with family during our last weeks in the NICU and they had a blast! They loved the simplicity and joy of riding bikes, walking around town, and swimming twice a day. This is how I grew up and have wondered if and when my children would experience it.... Now they will. 

Joel is transferring with Progressive. They have been so gracious to us the past 12 years and especially amazing this past year. He will be able to work from our home (which we have to build but do have a contract on a few acres!) It will be an adjustment living and working together all day every day, but honestly we miss that about our NICU days when we were together 24/7. 

I will still and always be a Scentsy girl... Your Scentsy girl! Because of the way we are able to do business, I have customers and hostesses all over the US and Canada. I'll always be able to serve our Montana customers with the click of a button and maybe a post office trip or two. I'd be happy and excited  to serve you always... Unless you want to join my team and be the Scentsy girl for you and your friends. That's be equally as exciting!  We have an incredible team of consultant in the area that would be just as happy as I if you joined our family. Training and connecting is easy through social media and smart devices so you'll never get rid of me :) As for our business in SD, we are beyond thrilled to work with our consultants there and in NE and WY more and train them like we never have had the opportunity to do in person before. It's going to be exciting!

What about Anchored Hope? Oh yes, this new project, we pray, will continue to thrive and grow. We will find a small group of friends here to be our basket assemblers and deliverers when needed. Our 501(c)3 will hopefully be finished by the end of this month (first have to get this house on the market!) We will continue to head up the fundraising and needs for Community Medical NICU baskets and plan to eventually bring this little mission to SD NICUs and families. 

We will be back to visit often as we are keeping Anchor's specialist doctors here. Hey know his history and we trust them so we will take the trip out annually and see friends and family and enjoy this beautiful place on earth. 

So.... "From purple mountain majesty to amber waves of grain"... The Sprys are 'double backing' in August 2016. 


  1. Beautiful letter to share your hearts! God knew all that would happen here, and lights your path ahead. So glad to have connected when I had opportunity. Go with love!

  2. WOW!! I'm so happy for you all - family is so important and memories have to be made every chance you get because we never know when we won't be able to make more! Although, I will be sad to see you move out of Montana, SD really isn't that far away and it'll just give us excuses to go to see you! I truly am excited for you and your amazing family PLUS I just know how much everyone in SD will love having you there!! Congratulations on your decision - I'll pray that everything goes just the way you want it to!! Love ya lots!