Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Telling My Story

What would the world miss if we didn't tell our story?

It would miss my mess ups, my failures... it would miss my messy and my mundane.... but the world would also miss the miracles I've witnessed and my heart when it is overwhelmed, humbled, honest and overjoyed as well.

This past year has been an incredible ride.... really, my whole life has been.  Even though I think I'll remember every detail forever, I know that's impossible because every day, new memories, new moments are being made and at some point my brain will get full and start erasing moments. I know our days are short and I know that these moments, that these days that we live every single day, are worthy of being shared. They are worth the memory. They are meant to be shared. Even if I'm yelling, even if I'm falling flat on my face... but to share what falling on my knees looks like too. I want to remember the good, the incredible, the messy, the crazy. So I share it here.

What story do you have to tell? Are you brave enough to share it? What if you did? Would people see you differently? Wouldn't the honesty feel so right? Let's step back and let Jesus shine in our every day.

Until tomorrow,

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