Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time to be the Mama she deserves

Want to know what hurts?

When your 10 year old looks you straight in the eyes and asks "why don't you spend more time with me? You always spend time with Alyn and Avin. I never get just time with you."

It pierced me straight into the center of my heart. Because it's true. 

Arly is our sweet, precious, super helpful, adorable little girl. (Not so little anymore :()

But she is also very dreamy, obnoxious, and test the limits type too. 

I'm not sure if we are just so much alike or completely opposite but being her mama definitely has it's challenges. 

Maybe it's because I'm still learning to be a mama (some days good mama and some days just mama) and I have to learn every stage when she hits it because she's the oldest. 

So tonight when she looked at me, with sorrow in her eyes. I couldn't help but yearn for time alone with her. 

As she is now snuggled up beside me in bed, I'm going to just soak in her presence and pray over her and pray for me to start treating her more like a child and less like another mini mama. 

I'm going to be more intentional about spending one on one time with her. Little dates where her and I can just be us. I feel like I don't really have good quality conversations with her. It is that time where i need to step up and be the mama she deserves. 

I love you little miss Arly Jaxson. You are the perfect gift from God and you'll always make me be a better me. 

Motherhood. The most beautiful mess on earth. 

Now I need your help... What are some good mama-daughter date ideas? Ready, set, go!



  1. I can so relate with this! I've been wanting to get pedis or manis with my Miss McKenna, but haven't gotten "around" to it... Now on my to-do list to get that time on the calendar!! Thanks, Jari!

  2. One of the things my mom and I love to do, is go out for breakfast. Our favorite place is Einstein Bagels downtown. It's really fun!

  3. We love espresso and snacks from Black Cat Bakery. Try a.new restaurant and shop.the boutiques downtown. My nail tech Samantha gives mom/daughter discounts I think. Take a dance class, catch a matinee, cooking class at good food.store...

  4. I pinned these for future use, but I love the ideas!

  5. you could go to one of those "make your own pottery or art" places or take a community class together - something she is interested in

  6. My Dad and I spent every Sat am together. We went to a little place in town that all the old farmers went to (The Small Place). He bought me 2 chocolate donuts (because he knew he'd get at least 1 and a 1/2) and a big glass of milk (because he knew he'd get half). He had coffee. We sat on little bar stools that twirled around and around….and we talked. To each other, to the farmers, to the 'donut man'. These are the days I'll never forget and cherish daily. Whatever it is you choose, she'll remember, you'll remember and you both will know love. You're doing a great job Jari!