Monday, October 21, 2013

A little date for these Folk!

Joel snagged some last minute tickets for us late this week to see The Avett Brothers band and he even did a fine job rounding up sitters for the girls. (Such good sitters that even when we left them for 6 hours they weren't even close to ready to come home!-- that's when you know you have great friends who love your kiddos!)

We went out to Tamarack (imagine that... One of our favorite little restaurants and brewery in town) for a pre-concert dinner. There we met up with some out of town friends who made the night that much more entertaining. 

We chatted for a while thinking it was ok to miss some of the opening act but when we arrived to the venue, we realized one of our favorite contestants  from The Voice, Nicholas David was the opener!!!! We loved the 3 songs we heard of his!!! (He changes hats while he performs and that is just so cool!)

Avett Brothers are so amazingly talented and know how to put on a pretty darn good show. 
It's so important to go on date nights with your spouse. To have dinner with no interruption, to sit quietly and just enjoy each other. To just be. To hold hands. That's my favorite. 

What kind if date night do you love? What is your dream date night? Happy marriages take time out from everyone and everything else and focus on each other. 


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