Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Spry + 5 Crow = One Happy Mama!

I have a friend who is INCREDIBLY talented behind the lens and who is becoming like a sister to me. We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with her capturing memories of our little family.... but I have a problem. I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH I LIKE BEST!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!

Jessie is a phenomenal photographer and owner of 5 Crow Photo here in the Missoula area and I'm so happy that she got these amazing shots of our family. She is so patient, full of ideas, flexible and the quality of her work just makes me melt.

Here's where I need your help!

I have this grand idea of creating a gallery wall that folds around a corner of a couple of walls in our home. We have next to nothing hanging up now, so I definitely want some family photos included in this gallery. But it's nearly impossible to choose on my own which photos to print when they are all so good. So please... could you let me know what your favorite 3 photos are by the number in which they are listed? Pretty pretty please?

And if you would be so kind... to go to 5 Crow Photo, look at her beautiful work and click LIKE. Jessie is working hard on getting her new studio ready and I know a little marketing help would just be icing on the cake! :) Oh and I heard she's doing something fun over there on her awesome page too!

CAUTION: Spry Family Overload.... Enjoy :)

Thank you Jessie. Love you beautiful friend.



  1. 2 3 5 10 12 15 16 18 21 25 27 29 31 33 39 40
    Hopefully I counted and numbered right. They are all so good.


  2. If you are only choosing three, I say 9,35,39.... however, I think you need to start with 5 ... 5,14,23 (or18) ..the colors on these three are beautiful, then add 16 and 35! That's my two cents worth!! Jessie did a wall for me as I was in the same place you are with 20 plus more years, a married son, and a grand-baby to add to the pictures! I Love my wall - candid and portrait shots - come see it if you want! It will be great no matter which ones you choose!! -Vicky Velin

  3. 8, 36, and 40! I love them all though!

  4. 2,11,18 Hard to pick just 3

  5. What a beautiful family Jari!!!