Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Relationship with Jesus (Part 2)

Since accepting Christ, life has had more ups and downs that I ever imagined. Or maybe I just see more clearly.

Sometimes, people think everything will be all peachy keen when you become a Christian. That you'll just become perfect. Or people think that you think you are perfect. (<--- ha!)  We are still human and are always sinners.

But when you have a relationship with Jesus, the way you handle the earthly, fleshly situations, is way different.

Every day I struggle with my sins; the need to feel accepted, anger, laziness, selfishness, fear.

I am nothing without the love of Jesus. Every day, I turn to him. I can't do this life here on my own. I'm thankful that I can trust Him to know and do what is best for me, even when I don't understand at all. When I'm weak, I lean on Him. In my strength, I glorify Him.

Without Christ, I was so lost. Trying to do everything on my own. Thinking I could control every thing. And things were crumbling all around me. But I would still try to be 'happy' through it all.

I'm so grateful that I was broken. He tends to do this to show us that we need Him. He is the ONLY way.

My relationship with my Savior is the most important thing to me. I love that it still needs work... and always will. I love that I get to keep growing and learning and loving Him daily. Every moment.

On my knees tonight, humbled, that He chose me.


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