Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mount WashMore

One thing I didn't have to do this past week was laundry. I'm not a huge fan of gathering, sorting, washing, drying and I absolutely dislike putting it away! 

However, these piles represent the people I love and the incredible opportunities we get to spend quality time together. It's an honor to serve my husband and daughters through this everyday, ordinary, mostly boring chore. Imagine how lonely it would be without these piles.

So I'll take on these loads with a joyful heart. I promise to sort and to fold from this day forward. With dirt and with grime, through pee and cracker crumbs,  I will vow to make them smell fresh & remove all the stains. 

I'm publicly promising to finish this job by end of day tomorrow. Even putting them all away. It's a BIG task, folks. Huge. 

Yes... Even the car seat. (Ugh! Does anyone else seriously hate taking apart and putting a car seat cover back on?!)


  1. Love!! I could not agree with you more and I would be more than embarrassed if I were to have company today.... Guest room bed covered in laundry, sorted piles at the bottom of the basement stairs, piles in the bedrooms clean or dirty? Who knows at this point, oh ya the stairs.... A piece going down everyone of them, and toys r us exploded upstairs and down and amongst those toys are SOCKS... Socks that my baby and her puppy brother like to hoard and play with. It's a game... I throw them back in a pile and three more come out that they are chasing each other around the house with. Yes laundry it is a never ending cycle but it is an accomplishment of the days that were spent together.... So as a fellow mommy who HATES putting laundry away....I also accept this challenge!!

    1. Awesome Sara! Did you accomplish the task?!

  2. Love this post!! Really hits home to me with having a family of 8 to try and keep the washing done is a very mundane, unappreciated job, or that is at least what if feels like! Christa Fitch