Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Story (The Middle)

I had no idea what he and Arly were up to that afternoon in November 2003. (later to find out they were RING shopping!)

They left for a while in the afternoon while I stayed home and cleaned the house. (Okay let's be real, I probably napped for half of the time!)

When they came in the door, little 9 month old Arly looked like she spent the whole day with her dad. A little dirty face and dirty pants!

I took her into her bedroom to clean her up. I hollered out to Joel "So, what did you guys do while you were out?"

He came in the room and ..... are you ready for a romantic burst?!?!?

Right as I was in the middle of wiping a dirty little baby butt, he tries handing me this box! Seriously!? Now?!

I know how every little girl dreams of a fairy tale proposal and wedding.... I wasn't any different.

But I also wasn't going to turn down the man that I love because he was too excited to give me a ring that he just financed a few hours ago! (I mean.... he was EXCITED!)

I just sat there in tears. So happy. Feeling so complete. Like our little family was ready to become one unit.

We got married in May 2004. It was a beautiful, quiet wedding with only our closest friends and family. The location was a little Stave church (Norwegian architecture) in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

On an overcast Saturday afternoon, the mister and I said 'I do' and promised to be husband and wife forever. Almost all of our family was in attendance (minus my sister Jenna who was just days before having her first baby in California). It was nearly perfect.
A string quartet. My handsome dad walking me down the aisle. (You can't see them in the photos but there were deer crossing the background too!)
Sweet little Arly (15 months then) helping her big cousin Kaci be flower girls.
Shortly after Pastor Brown announced us as Mr. & Mrs. Spry, the thunder rolled. The rain drops started to fall..... and it started pouring!

They say that rain is a good sign on a wedding day. That would have fooled me. It seemed the storm didn't stop for quite a few years....

To be continued.....

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  1. Aww my son was 15 months old when we married too! Can't wait to hear more ;)