Saturday, August 30, 2014

Phone Photography & Editing

Did you know that every night I post on this blog in bed? From my phone....

A few of the people that know this think it's absolutely crazy. It kind of is. But gets the deal...

I have super mega fast lightning thumbs and I can probably type faster on my phone than a computer these days. 

And my phone is the only camera I have so if I want to share photos on here this is the easiest way to edit and add my photos. 

Speaking of editing photos, this is a question I get asked quite often. 

How do I edit my photos? It's so easy! I have a few apps on my phone that I do all of my editing through. 

A Beautiful Mess app & Rhonna Designs I use to add adorable text and trendy doodles to my photos. I also use these apps with different backgrounds to promote my Scentsy & Velata business. Whether I'm making invitations to parties, socials or team meetings or recognition for my team or thank yous for customers, these apps make designing super simple, absolutely personal and fun.  

Obaby app is filled with adorable pregnancy, adoption and all things baby! There are sweet little sayings, doodles, calends dates and so much more! Ido admit that I don't use this one nearly as much as I should. If you're a new mom, expecting or have little babies around, this app is perfect for you! 

The last three on my main page of photography apps are Afterlight, Rhinna Design Magic and VSCOcam. These have incredible filter options. You can use premade filters of almost any tone, color and shade or you can create and save a custom filter and use it to make all your photos a little more personal. I adore the silhouettes featured in Afterlight... and the floral wallpapers make my heart melt too. 

Now that we're sharing app secrets, what is your favorite photo editing apps? Don't have one? Which of these will you most likely try out? I want to see how you use them! 

Most, if not all, of these apps listed do cost. I believe they are worth every penny and more. If you are a business owner and are using these to help market and run your business... Guess what?! You can use them as a business expense! Bonus! 

Ok... Back to dreaming up storage ideas! Did you see the garage and basement before photos?! Oofta! 

Still working on them... Yes, be jealous! *wink*

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