Tuesday, August 5, 2014


For a while now, I've been wanting to write... but not knowing what to say. My every day life seems to be a little boring, mundane if you will. But what I've missed the most is sitting down at the keyboard, just me and my thoughts. Some nights I have something good to share. Something that might make someone laugh or make some one smile at least. But MOST nights, I feel like what I have to share isn't worth sharing at all.

But what makes us think that way? Isn't every part of our lives significant? Doesn't everything we do, every experience that we have, make our lives that very thing... OUR LIVES? I don't want to forget any of it any more.

Last year, around this same time, I committed to writing every day for a whole year. EVERY. DAY. Hence the name EVERY DAY JARI.  I only made it about 6-7 months before I started feeling inadequate: boring. I've always struggled with consistency. I've never let myself finish ANYTHING... except childbirth... that's too hard to NOT finish! Ha!

There is nothing boring about our lives. Nothing. Every moment... every circumstance... every experience. Whatever it is, it's not boring. OR INADEQUATE.

What I've missed the most in these last 5-6 months of not writing is that I can't go back and look at my personal experiences. I don't have that daily log of our every day life. The good times, the celebrations, the heartache through the tears. I miss that.

I'm grateful to have a friend that understands exactly what I mean. She understands my thoughts and feelings. I swear we are twins.... (well not really but seriously, we are identical on the inside.) After a long chat this evening, it was very clear that it's time to start writing every day. Not for a challenge. Not for selfish reasons. But with the only goal of glorifying Christ in my every day. Every day diaper changing. Every day children peacemaking. Every day business building. Every day spouse loving. Every day chaos. Every day bravery. Every day meals. Every day struggles. Every day celebrations.

There is nothing boring or mundane about it. So here I am.

What you get is me..... are you ready?

Until tomorrow, 
XO. Jari


  1. oh oh oh! I'm so so proud of you. I guess it's time....here we go!

  2. I love this post. I love to blog too but stopped when I felt it was not good enough . You have inspired me to sit down and get that keyboard clicking :) even if I am the only one that ever reads it! Look forward to more posts