Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spry Family Planner [Part 1]

On a five day family get away out in the middle of the mountains, when it rains all day, what else do you do?! Plan! 

Okay so honestly, that was part of the agenda for this week. For me to sit down and plan out our fall. Family schedule, travel dates, softball try-outs & practices, weddings, curriculum for homeschool, field trips, bible study, ski weekends, business adventures, Scentsy* & Velata* trainings, parties, calls and daily routines. 

I'm a girl who likes to have a plan. The list above is quite the variety and it probably seems a little much to have to plan it all out.... But this is the only way our family can function. 

A few weeks ago, I put together the beginnings of a 'Spry Family Planner.' I'm not exactly sure how it'll end up but we are just going with it for now. 
First and foremost, it has to be cute & personal! I chose some simple snapshots taken from our daily activities and printed them out. I also printed one of my favorite quotes from Pinterest*. I then secured them down to this black and white striped binder from Target with washi tape! (Best invention ever!... I mean behind cars, computers, fax machines, iPhones, peanut butter... Ummm you get the idea) 
It's super important for us to be able to look at our month in a quick glance. We have so many moving parts for a little family so we need to know who is going where and when. The list to be planned above is just the constant comings and goings. As changes and additions are made throughout the month, they will be put on this adorable 'August' monthly print out from Emily at Jones Design Company*. I've been subscribed to her monthly Paper Works subscription for about a year. I love it! (That's a whole post all on its own). Again, attach it with washi tape, month over month, and because washi tape peels off anything easily, at the end of the year you'll have a mini journal of your family activities! Fun!... Or scary! 
As much as I like to be planful, I do realize that we are not in control of anything. This simple quote, found on Pinterest*, keeps me humble and assured with the fact that if everything doesn't go exactly as planned. Everything is going to be just fine. 

We also needed big photos of our family. Here I have an 8x10 of our crazy life family photo taken by Jessie with 5 Crow Photo* last September. Don't be alarmed, we only held her upside down for about 6.76834 seconds to take this photo. All babies and little Bears were unharmed in the snapping of this shot. 
Oh I just loved this family photo (minus my hair do... Let's get real! What look was I exactly going for? Bon Jove circa 1988?!) from the spring of 2010? 2011? Or was it 2009? Mom, do you remember? Notice the yellow duct tape... Before washi was invented I used tape to make my pages 'cool!' (Wow! Sassy girls!)
One of the most important things that could ever be added to this family binder is truth-filled verses from the Living Word. Every time I open my binder, I see God's promises and read them. They are treasures that I want to remember forever.  I love these scripture cards (also by JDC*)! I also added two print outs of great quotes created on Rhonna Designs App*. I created the upper left one and I think I found the other one via Instagram*.
Almost 6 years ago, a friend from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) handed me printout of a 'Clover Family Commandments.' Her family was not the Clovers and neither is mine so I'm not sure who to give the credit to but it's not me. I held on to that printout (without losing it!<---- that is a miracle!) for so long and today I finally copied it off and personalized it for our family. 
*Our Home is to be a place of Christ's Love & Peace* ---- oh I pray that every day. <3

As I was handwriting these commandments for our children, it was as if I was staring at all of my sins in a mirror. These are not only a guide for them, but for Joel and I as well. 

When you read them, what do you think? Are these commands that you do follow? Or are you like me and need to ask for help for a softer, kinder heart? Do you put others first before yourself? Do you serve others well without complaining? 

I pray for a transformation of my heart and my tongue. The words that come out of me at times are nasty, ugly. I pray that I will not be idle and am obedient to serve joyfully when called. 

Good news! We can't do it on our own. We're not capable of changing by trying hard enough. But we have a Father who loves us and can change our hearts to be more like Him. I'm thankful for His grace & mercy.... Daily. Actually hourly. Ok seriously... Every moment.  

I'll be sharing more of what I have finished soon. As I add more to the 'Spry Family Planner' I'll share it here too. 

(All * links will be added when I have wifi next week. I can't link from my phone) 

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