Sunday, August 24, 2014

MTDSA meets Jewel Kade

Oh I'm so ecstatic to share with you something very exciting!

Joel and I were introduced to a newly formed non-profit organization that was formed to empower, encourage, and enrich the lives of families, loved ones, and individuals with Down Syndrome. This organization is called Montana Down Syndrome Association, or MTDSA

I've felt in my heart for a long time that I need to be intentional about giving more. This could mean by giving my time, energy, resources or finances. The moment our friend Jessie shared MTDSA with us, Joel and I instantly knew this was the exact thing we were praying for. 

In Montana, for years, there has been very little to no support for families with loved ones who have Down Syndrome. 

Can you imagine not having any support or someone to talk to if you found out your sweet baby had this syndrome? Can you imagine maybe living life as a single parent with a beautiful child who has Down Syndrome and the every day hurdles you have to go through to make sure your child is taken care of  while you work full-time? There are so many situations where families need extra funding for medical or personal reasons that most of us could never imagine. 

But what can we do? How can we do more? How can we give more?

One way that we are going to give more to this beautiful organization is through helping raise aware. You can participate in the Buddy Walk on September 13th and join us for a day of awareness, fun and celebration. 

Another way you can give more to this group that pulls at every heart string of my being is by sponsoring the Buddy Walk or donating directly to MTDSA.

Another little blingy spin, is to shop Jewel Kade!

My sweet cousin Brooke is generously donating her commissions earned through the sales of this online Jewel Kade party to MTDSA! How fun is that?!?

I recently fell in love with this line of jewelry because of it's classy & vintage look that you can personal in countless different ways. My personal favorites are these:

 My sister Jackie just got be this leather personalized cuff that reads "Dream Big".... I love it so much and wear it every day!

Did I mention you can even upload your favorite photo of your kiddos, parents, grandparents, spouse or whoever and make adorable charms?! How precious is that!? They are all two sided so the other side can be another photo if you want.... I've used my favorite quotes from Pinterest to make inspiring necklaces for myself. These are my absolutely favorites!
 One thing I'm sure to order is one of these canvases. Now if I could just choose what it would say. What would it say if you ordered one? Favorite saying? Bible verse? House rules?
 I love these individual charms you can mix and match. The sweetest mothers necklace: birthstones, names, important dates. Sports mom? Show your school spirit and player pride by choosing your colors, sport charm and more.
I appreciate you reading my blog... daily, or weekly, or if this is your first time welcome. I ask that if you are able to do any of the above options, please do. But above all, please pray for these families. That they will feel the love of The Lord everyday.

If you go shopping, please remember to click Add Order to Party - then choose FUNDRAISER: MTDSA.

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