Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clutter & Wasted Time

Our Garage (before)
Y'all... It's a MESS! 

We have been so busy the past 4 months that we have dumped, shuffled, grabbed, and dumped again in our garage. 

Honestly, it kind of shows a reflection of what our life is like. Chaotic, messy, out of sorts, overwhelming, and on and on. 
Joel and I are wanting to make big changes in our lives. We have and will continue to pray for what The Lord wants and needs us to do. 

While we wait, we are going to be living differently around here. No more excuses. If we want change, we have to be willing to change. 

First job is underway for our 'Happy Handmade Home' adventure.... Overflowing garage is now about 80% organized. We still have a shelf full of tools and painting supplies that need another night of intentional focus and then we'll go to the drawing board on how exactly this space will serve us best. 

Intentional focus; what a wild idea! It took less than 2 hours to tackle this job which consumed our brains for months because we were constantly dreading going out there and doing something about it. 

Two hours to make this area feel better. Look better. 

This got me thinking. How much time do we waste every single day? If you had to guess what would you say? My guess is probably 4-5 hours out of my day gets wasted. And that's being fairly conservative. Now if I multiply that by seven.... That's over 30 hours wasted each week! That's almost a full time job! 

Year? Whoa!!! 1,560 hours each year! That's disgusting. Eww. 

Try to figure yours out. How much time during the year do you waste?

Television watching?
Social media catch up?
Video games or candy crush?
Staring off in la la land?

It's time to be more intentional with our precious time so that we can clear out the clutter and live with an uncluttered mind, heart & home. 

Here's to a Labor Day weekend of decluttering! 

Psst... I'm too embarrassed to show you the garbage pile! Sorry Allied Waste... Please come back next week! There will be more. 

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