Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Beginning...

This was me last week...

Today, no junk food. 

I've been completely unhappy with my health and fitness over the past year. More so in the past couple of months. 

Honestly I think I could blame it on a little bit of depression since the loss of our baby in June... But really, that would be me just excusing it and not placing myself responsible. 

I've been extremely lazy when it comes to taking care of myself. That's just about it... Lazy. 

I know myself and my family are addicted to sugar. I didn't realize it until having to make very conscious decisions all throughout the day on what we were choosing to consume. 

I have a few people in my life who have been transformed because of fitness and choosing to live a more healthy lifestyle. By choosing to eat responsibly. 

Oh another big word... I've been completely irresponsible when it comes to eating healthy and  planning or preparing meals for my family. 

I'm not looking for a change when I look in the mirror. Although I know that will be pleasant bonus in the end. 

What I am wanting to notice a change in is the way I feel. How I feel ultimately influences how I treat other people. I desire to have energy; to not be tired all the time. I want to run with my kids and even go upstairs to my office without being winded. 

I can hear the voices of a few of you that know me well saying "oh yeah, I've heard this song and dance before." 

But that's just it. I can't do this alone.  It has become an internal, spiritual battle in my head and heart for a while. 

I can only do anything, easy or hard, not because of my strength, but because of the strength of The Lord. I have to rely on Him. I have to let Him work a change in my heart and place the desire in me care for my body which was made in His image. 

It's time. I've been seeking. And will continue seeking forever. 

I also know that it's absolutely vital to have an accountability partner(s) along for the journey. I'm grateful for the few I have to cheer me on and put me back on the fence if I start to fall off. 

What about you? Are you an addict like me? Do you want something more for your health? Do you have an accountability partner? 

Here's to a new beginning.... It's going to be hard but it's going to definitely be worth it. 

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