Monday, April 21, 2014

45 days later...

Sometimes we all just need a break.  A break from all the commitments both reasonable and not. 

My break. 

I've come to realize that I'm quick to jump on any... And every... Good idea that comes my way. I say yes before really praying about it, weighing out the goods and potential bads, and just jump right on in! 

I do this with everything. If it's working for someone, I want to try it. If someone loves it, I probably will too. If it changes someone for the better, maybe it would me too. 

What I've learned over the past few weeks is that even though something is 100% a-ok, fabulous and even changing someone's life; even though it's a great something, it may not be the RIGHT something for me. Maybe not in this season. Maybe not ever. 

You see, I've tried too hard (most times not even realizing it) to be and do things like so many others that I've completely exhausted myself of being me. 

There is so much freedom knowing that I am loved, through every moment of my life (even before and eternally) by Jesus. That I don't have to try anymore. 

Today I was reminded by that in my morning devotional. Seven weeks of intentional prayer has done my soul good. 

And honestly, I've missed writing here. I'll be back more. 

Simplifying. To live simply.