Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I've been wanting to write for a while now but when I sit down (who am I kidding?! I type every post from my phone while laying down in bed) I don't know where to even start. 

It feels like we haven't been still enough to process any thoughts for a while (let alone pull the 3 foot weeds in our back yard). 

Tonight I type this... So overly tired. Overly emotional. But I'm here. With little words. But lots of love. 

I'll fill you in on everything soon, but the next few days we'll be soaking in the hugs, tears, laughter and family time as we honor a very special man. My father in law - Jerry Spry. I'm going to miss your quiet humor and calmness. 

But tonight, I lay here remembering these sweet moments from last week. 

Until I can process and share in a way that will make sense... Goodnight friends.