Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spry Academy + I am the Student

Welcome to the first day of Spry Academy 2014-2015!!!
The girls were so excited to wake up, get dressed and ready for their first day of school. I love that these beauties are eager to learn. Planning out the school year is a lot of work but this year is going to be different. It's going to be nearly perfect.  We have a few new amazing pieces to our curriculum this year. Last year, teaching 5th grade math proved to be a bit of a challenge. So this year we switched things up a bit. 

We are using Teaching Textbook! I'll dive more into this soon but I love that it's online! Lecture, practice and tests are all available online. This frees up a bit of time for me to spend time with the other. The girls love it too because they get to use the computer! 
I do want to tell you that not everyone was thrilled it was the first day of school. I think she feels left out. I need to find a baby curriculum for little Avin. She was crabby today! Bossy really. 
School didn't go exactly as planned. Nope. Like not at all. Remember how I just said this year would be different.  This year was planned almost perfectly. Well... On day one, we overslept. We found out we are missing a major book in our history and geography. Arly still has 3 lawn mowing jobs on Mondays. I had 4 Scentsy parties to package all cute and set up deliveries. I had to pack for a party for tonight. Take a shower. Pay bills. Computer keeps freezing. Avin peed all over clean laundry. (She's potty training.... So any tips are greatly appreciated!) I cried. Twice. Almost quit breathing. Panicked. And prayed. I need The Lord's help, guidance and wisdom to get me through these days. The every day.  Because I'm ill equipped on my own. 
Seriously, if I come off as having it altogether, I've failed to expose the real me. I really do have to apologize to my daughters more often than I like to admit. But one thing I know, is that The Lord works miracles in their hearts because they forgive me. Always. 

So I guess what I'm trying to get at is this: our life is a mess. Our days get crazy. But it's our life. And it's a crazy beautiful mess. 

With grace, I can get through this season of change. I was expecting a flawless transition. But the devil snuck right in and tried to rob me of all my joy today. I almost allowed him to succeed. 

But I know my God is bigger and more powerful than any overbooked agenda, crayon colored wall, lawn mower out of gas, hair tangled in pony tail holder, ripped shirt and anything else worldly that might go wrong. 

He's showing me grace. That it's ok if not everything planned is perfect. He's showing me that only He is perfect and that's all I need. 

Thankful for the lessons today. I do believe I was the student today. 

Thankful for a new chance and new mercies tomorrow. 

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