Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Treading water... but it's time to swim.

My dear friend Dianna shared a blog post from Sally Clarkson this morning. I'm moved.  I'm convicted. 


I don't want a condo or a shack - which is what I have been building. I've been treading water for far too long without swimming a stroke for years. I woke up most days without a real action plan. I've never really meal planned in all my life (except for the few times I've tried to be Pinterest perfect.) I'm short tempered with my daughters and honestly I have no idea why. I haven't been submissive to my husband like I should, instead I've tried to be the boss of the family since day one. A boss without a real plan.... Sounds like a horrifying train wreck. And that's what it's been. I've whined and complained about my health and fitness for years, but only made temporary fixes to change. And them back to my old ways. I'm sad when I see pregnant ladies and small babies. I feel inadequate in everything I do. 

But the real problem... The top sickness I have... Is that I haven't been fully surrendered to Christ. That my heart wasn't wholly ready. I wanted to stay 'in charge'...  But clearly that just doesn't work. Back to the treading and living in a storm with no resources that Sally mentions above. 

I want an estate... Large, beautiful and glorifying to God. 

Jesus is the only way to build an estate. Full trust, full surrender; white flag! 

It's time for me to start living life seriously.... Eternally. It's time for planning and preparing. It's time to work on character and spend quality time with Proverbs 31 women in my life.  

What about you?  Are treading water without really swimming anywhere? Tired and exhausted like me? I invite you to take rest in The Lord. Oh I'm so grateful for that peace. Now only if I can remember to live in it. 


Oh and hey Dianna, it's time you started a blog friend. XO #jariwouldloveit

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