Sunday, September 7, 2014

Feeling Grateful

I can't even begin to express the past few days. We are completely 100% exhausted but absolutely filled with excitement, ideas and amazing memories. 

I'm trying to process and let this whole experience of the very first Velata convention soak in. Once it does I'll be sure to share.  

But one thing I want to remember in this very moment, is the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love for our sweet friends. 

When someone lovingly takes your most precious little beings in for a week with not only no question, but with a joyful heart. 

I seriously love these people on this porch.
I'm so grateful that I can spend my week at our corporate home office with Scentsy Family without wondering if our girls are being taken care of. 

This is family. I know without a doubt that these friends love our children like their own. They show me how to love and serve. 

I can't wait to hear how their week goes too. I know we'll all have memories from this week that we'll have forever.  

But for right now, I just need to decompress and gear up for another big training soon. 

Going to bed feeling overly thankful tonight. 

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