Monday, September 15, 2014

Turning Leaf

Oh Holy Grounds how I have missed you. Since we have been gone nearly all of our summer, I have been unable to serve at our church, Sovereign Hope. 
On of my favorite things in the whole world is to be a pretend barista for about an hour... Slingin' joe, Hot or cold and lots of shots of espresso. Our church body can drink! 

But the best part is seeing so many beautiful faces come through the line, almost always smiling, eager to hear the Word of The Lord. We are in the book of Acts, studying verse by verse. So amazing. If you're not currently attending a bible preaching church, I encourage you to check out 
We had an overbooked day from the moment we left the church building. Alyn had softball practice, Arly had a team meeting, then Alyn had a team meeting and Arly's team practice followed that. We knew we would be in town all day (from 10am - 7pm!) so we decided to have a picnic at a park. 
I think we're going to have to indulge in this little act of relaxation and family bonding. Being together just makes the minutes of the day seem to slow down. 

After the final practice, and the interior of the car carpet getting peed on, we were all beyond ready to come home. 

Yes friends, this is what our kitchen looks like more often than not. But it's time to turn over a new lead. Not just the wine, though delicious, but a few daily to do's that need to be turned into routine. 
One of the first 'leaves' to turn over us the 'do it now, not later' leaf. 

So this is us. At 8:30 tonight, after some day old pizza and salad, (because I couldn't cook anything after cleaning out the leftover science experiments that were left in the refrigerator while this family was away. Gross!) we sat down to watch 'God's Not Dead' and labeled the brand new fall Scentsy products. Seven boxes later, and all sorted it the movie was over. 

It was a great movie! So many teaching moments for all of us. 

Exhausted, actually beyond exhausted, a finally sat down to read over our first lessons tomorrow for the Spry Academy 2014-2015 school year. 
Im so thankful for preplanned curriculum that is faith based focused on sharing the news and love of Christ. 

So this is me, turning over a new leaf. 

Serve joyfully. 
Clean kitchen. 
Do things now. 
Lesson preparation. 

And let's face it.... Enjoy good Californian red wine. 

Here's to a new season starting tomorrow! (Ooo actually today!) I've been craving the rhythm and it's finally here. 

I'm going to bed tonight praying for patience (yes I really pray for that), wisdom and laughter. 

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