Monday, September 22, 2014

Sprys Hike

We made plans a while ago with some of our great friends to go camping. Friday was the day we finally pulled out of town and heading on our journey. 
Only 16 minutes from our home and we were there. Parked up in Charles Water campground up at Bass Creek. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS PLACE EXISTED?!  
It is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think we could have picked a better time to go. The traffic was slow, the weather was beautiful and the trees were gorgeous! 
Today we had absolutely no plans other than just go with the flow. It was incredible. After a lazy morning and numerous passes with the volleyball, we put on our tennis shoes and started our hike. 
Friends, this regretfully was our first time hiking since we moved to this beautiful state.  Almost SEVEN YEARS ago!!! 

We only hiked up about one mile before we found the perfect little babble of the creek to throw some fishing lines in. Josh was the master behind the poles and bait... Live worms! Our girls loved it! 
Avin was the one scaring all the fish away. She wanted to 'frow!' rocks the whole time. And we let her. 
Alyn learned that when you snag your hook, you have to get in and get it. Thankful for Keens and a warm shower. The water was freezing cold! 
After we got back, ate delicious elk steaks, grilled sweet potatoes and salad (all of our food was amazing this weekend so far. I have a lot to learn from Cameryn!) we set the kiddos up with a movie and started our nightly fire. 
We had such incredible campfire conversations. Mostly about Jesus. I'm thankful for friends who will be open and honest and sharpen me. 

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