Friday, September 19, 2014

Yee haw

Little Miss Alyn was beyond excited to start a new hobby this week. On Tuesday morning, we enrolled her into a horseback riding club for homeschoolers. 

I have been dreaming of this day to surprise her as she is so in love with horses (well, all animals really.. But especially horses).  

Dreaming, but not searching. If I had been searching I would have found this place long ago. It's only 3 minutes away and is tucked behind some of or best friends home. 

Dunrovin Ranch. 
Since we went to Oklahoma to visit our friends, Alyn hadn't stopped talking about being a little rider like her buddy Addison. 

So Wednesday started a new adventure for this little 9 year old. 
She wanted to go with a more cowgirl feel than rider so she opted for a pair of Ariats. She used her hard earned cash to pay for a boot. We bought the other. *wink*
With the help of Sarah, her coach, she chose a dude horse,Monte, and learned now to tie a daisy chain and brush him. Next was the saddle... That required a bit of help from Coach Sarah.  
Before long she was walking that stubborn horse all around the arena. (When I look in the background, all I feel is awe. Awe for the mountains and the valley we live in). 
Finally it was time to get on. I love that these little girls (there are three 9 yr old girls in Alyn's class... One of her best friends) needed a step stool. 
And you should have seen these smiles. I'm sure the sun shined brighter because these little bits were beaming ear to ear that they were riding. 
I'm so grateful that Alyn gets this opportunity. I'm also thankful that I get a couple hours to myself every Wednesday.  Since starting our school year I feel way behind. Way behind of everythig. Way behind on life. I'm not sure what that means other than I feel like I'm out of time and doing everything like a crazy person. 

Because Alyn needs a parent on the premise during her two hour lesson, I get to take that time to catch up on my administrative work. That sounds fancy but it's very much needed. Two precious hours to meal plan, talk with some team members or hostesses, or even read uninterrupted. I need this time. 

Thankful that Alyn loves Monte... And that Monte will be waiting for her every week. And this table will be waiting for me. 

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