Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's a BABY... Baby Shower 101

You saw a sneak peek last night but today, Johnny and Katie's baby shower was so adorable and sweet.

After an evening shopping spree at Joann last night, I'm so pleased with how everything turned out. 
The baby's gender is unknown so it made the shower planning a little more challenging... But I have to say that I think we proved to be up for the challenge. 

Scentsy buddies really softened up the area and created a fun personality for the table of decorations! These little guys were the 'life' of the party!
This little personal touch was ooo'ed and aah'ed on today too. It was actually a last second (like leaving the house and I made Joel wait so I could print the photo!) detail I knew would make the whole shower just a little more personal for Johnny and Katie. I found the piece of wood (purchased at.... Joann!) in my basement craft stash and the plate stand down there too. It just clicked that this combination would be an adorable way to display the honorary parents-to-be. I printed off the photo (from the photo session Alyn and I did with J+K a couple weeks ago) on regular computer paper and attached it to the wood piece with a few pieces of my growing stash of washi tape. Oh I love that stuff!
Adriana, Nicole, Morgan and Ariell made the cute diaper cake. They simply folded diapers in half for three tiers (gradually increasing in diameter), stuffed with wash cloths and wrapped with color coordinating ribbon. They added a few toys and to top off the 'cake' was Sunny the Squirrel... an exclusive Scentsy baby buddy - PERFECT for the Woodland shower theme.
Nicole made the absolutely adorable 'Mushroom Cupcakes.' They were DELICIOUS! She had a cinnamon/sugar flavored cake and peanut butter/chocolate cake. Topped with red cream cheese frosting and dotted with white cream cheese frosting - the perfect touch. (I think those made the whole theme come together!)
I borrowed the tree ring cupcake stands from my friend Missy. They received so many compliments and now I really need Joel to make me a set! (I'm already planning Avin's 1st birthday and those would be the 'icing on the cake' if you know what I mean!)
The banner was SO EASY to make. Simply cut random triangles (I'm not a measure-it-out-and-sew-it kind of a girl) of your favorite fabrics. Today we went with corals, turquoise, navy and red in the sweetest patterns. I hot glued the top edge of the triangles to a string of jute... or twine. It was so simple to make and you could do this for any.. or every... room in your house. Or for all holidays!
The mason jars were stuffed with real moss purchased by the bagful at Joann's. We attached butterflies on some and put little mushrooms in all. We wrapped burlap (love me some burlap in the fall!) around the outside and just used a dot of hot glue to secure the wrap. No harm done to our everyday drinkware :) Some of the jars we added an extra touch with fabric scraps.

Look! We even did little mini banners for the cupcake stands! (That was Arly and Alyn's idea so they made them! Melt a mama's heart... and finger tips! Gluing those little triangles to a skinny piece of yard proved quite blistering!)
And there you have it!

We also had a photo booth set up for the guest book. The kiddos loved that. Ok ok, so did the moms!

We had some diapers left over from the cake so the shower guests used some permanent markers to write little notes to the new mom and dad to encourage them during late night (or early morning) diaper changes.... or just to make them laugh :)

Everyone has the chance to write down baby wishes for the new bundle of love. 
A few shower games and some gifts. Now that's a 'wrap!'

Working together and getting stuff done for the benefit of others is a great way to show how good relationships work. We're blessed to have such friends in our lives and show that love to a 'new' friend.

We are so happy for you John and Katie. And Katie, please know that you fit right in with our little crazy group! So excited to meet Baby Sanford!


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  1. Thank you so much! I was afraid I would be overwhelmed at the shower, but it was perfect. Everything was beautiful, very Johnny and Katie-esq. I feel extremely loved and words cannot express how appreciative and humble I feel after this afternoon.