Friday, October 11, 2013

Dog in my blog

I totally didn't blog last night. Did you notice?

My mom is here visiting and we have been staying up entirely too late each night just enjoying each other's company. 

Well, last night, it was after 1am and I had let our little dog out so he could go to bed too. We usually chain him up on his little cable out in the back, but I thought.... "It's so cold and pitch black that he'll jut stay right here, do his thing, and want right back in." Ha!

He didn't come back. I was outside in the pitch balk walking back and forth through our backyard shouting in my loudest whisper "Caesar! Caesar come!" This is when I wish I had a dog named Chaos (like a friends sister does!) or Sanity! Oh the neighbors would get a kick out of that!

The darn dog didn't come. So I grabbed my keys, put on my slippers and quietly snuck out of the house. Mom and I jumped in the car and started through the neighborhood. 

Two little green glowing eyes were staring at us, coming at a full run, with his little black and white body and fluffy tail just wagging with excitement! Little turd! 

He was so cute I couldn't help but not be upset with him. 

You see, even I'm afraid of our neighborhood at night... Not because it's unsafe but because you never know which animal will jump out at you. Coyotes. Deer. Wolves. Bears. Mountain lion. Sasquatch.  (I'm serious about all!)

I was so happy that I saw that little squirt and that no other wild beast got ahold of him first. 

So when we got home, I snuggled up with our little Japanese Chin and thought about all the memories we've had together. 

Sometimes Caesar gets lost in the mix of our crazy, so I'm making it a point to appreciate his presence more since we all know he won't be around forever. 

So... That's why I didn't blog last night. I was too busy loving on my favorite canine. 


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