Saturday, October 26, 2013

Giving up to get more.

On Friday, my bible study girls and Iwere talking about what distracts us from having active faith in God.  

All I could think of is myself. My selfishness and laziness (ok ok I know you've heard before but it's so true)

I'm a huge distraction in my walk of faith. 

I spend too much time sleeping. Dreaming. Facebooking. Trying to gain acceptance from others. 

Then we talked about what we are going to do to remove some distractions. 

First step; get a new sleeping routine!
We started last night. Avin has been living in our bedroom with Joel and I since she was born and with nursing, it was entirely too convenient to just put her in bed with us each night. Now that she's older and SHOULD be sleeping through the night, she was crying until we would bring her to bed with us because she could see us. 

So last night, I took apart her whole crib (now that's a job!... I really dislike Allen wrenches!) and moved it up to Alyn's bedroom. Yep... The two girls who ALWAYS want to sleep with mom and dad now get to sleep in the same room! (Insert evil laugh here.)

But seriously, Alyn loved it and Avin slept through the night!!! And so did I!!! It was amazing to sleep 7 hours non stop!!! 

I will say that I do miss her snuggles but now I just have to be more intentional about soaking the snuggles up throughout the day!

Another thing I am doing with the new sleeping routine is a more structured bedtime. Joel is usually sleeping by 1030pm, Avin around 11pm, Arly and Alyn by midnight and I start to drift off around 130am. This needs to change. 

So effective tomorrow (because it's already 1230am and I'm just now blogging by phone in my room before my bedtime routine) we have a way earlier bed time. Beginning at 830pm for all kids. 

Joel and I will definitely benefit by having a couple hours alone together before we turn out our lights. The girls will benefit too by actually getting enough sleep!

Then we can wake up earlier so we can get in Gods word first thing to begin our day. 

Sound like a plan? What does your bedtime routine look like? What time do your kiddos go to sleep? And you?


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