Friday, August 2, 2013

Feature Friday

I am starting a new weekly blog feature that will be showcasing my favorite success stories from OUR Scentsy Team!

Seriously, these stories are the reason I do what I do, why I want to share the opportunity, and seriously makes my heart so happy. 

Our very first consultant to feature is Michele Williamson from Missoula MT... And here is her story. 

My Scentsy Story & WHY I do what I do:
 I fell in love with Scentsy at a friends house who was having a basket party with the mini testers that her sister had shipped her from another state. I bought 1 warmer & 3 bars. I loved that I could put the warmer any where in my home feeling safe from fire dangers & from little fingers that were sure to check out the warmed wax.

The problem was I didn't know where to get more wax until I ran into a gal that had a booth at a local fair. I booked a party because who doesn't love to have their friends over, chit chat, eat, smell amazing scents & earn free & half price items. 

I was & still am, a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful boys, a wife of 19 years now, but I was after something more. 

I joined Scentsy in August 2011 to be Michele again, I love & cherish the roll of a mother & wife but I needed to find me as well. 

Scentsy has been my answer! I have gained so much more then I could have ever imagined just by taking a $99. starter kit & running with it. I have gained the confidence to step out of my comfort zone, to treasure the friendships that I have made with amazing everyday woman that also just needed a little bit more. Little did I know that a little bit more would let me travel & earn trips that I could have never imagined that we would be able to go on. 
(Michele and her husband Ron on their first, all expense paid Scentsy Family trip to Washington, DC)

That the UPS truck would now be called the Scentsy truck as that is all my 4 year old knows that he brings. That I would find such joy in such a simple system, a smell to bring back a memory, & a passion for bringing the same joy to someone else. Sharing my story hopefully gives you too the chance to see me & to see that this journey truly can take you places, whether it be an earned trip, an old friends house to party with her while your at work or to feed your adiction for all things Scentsy.  

Scentsy truly has let me shine! Michele

Michele, you have taught me so much about being a better person and leader. You are so encouraging, sweet and ORGANIZED!!! Thank you for joining our team and know that we love you so much! Here's to many more memories because of this crazy wickless candle company!



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