Friday, August 9, 2013

The Calm in the Storm

I've never felt as calm in the midst of chaos as I did tonight. 

We have a big Scentsy booth at the Western Montana Fair every year (well for the past 6 and prayerfully many more!) and every year we always, without a doubt, get a storm. Usually here in Western Montana, if it storms, it's mainly just rain. However tonight was different. 

The girls and I showed up for our shift at 430pm. It was a grey day for most of the day but it was so hot that it felt like the clouds would lift at any moment and we would be in for a long, busy, warm night. 

Joel arrived to help out around 615pm after he made a quick stop to Joann Fabrics to get more little baggies for wax samples & punch cards. (Remember, I already told you how awesome he was!) 

We were just talking about what we wanted to eat for dinner (Joel and I were limited in our choices but finally settled on steak kabobs while the girls wanted the noodle bowls from our church's food booth) 

Joel had just finished changing Avin's poopy pants (again, amazing!) when I looked out at the flag pole and the sky was almost black and the flags were pointing straight west. 

It looked as though the storm would skirt around us as long as the winds didn't change. 

I just started praying. But my prayer was definitely not the 'please don't let it hit us', 'please save our inventory' prayer. No. It was a simple prayer of 'God, you are all powerful and you control every bit of air that blows in these winds. I feel you. And I love you.' I was seriously in awe of our Creator. 

Well guess what!? The winds changed! I saw a cloud of dust, the black sky sink a little closer to the ground, and the flags start pointing directly to the Northeast

Joel rushed the girls up to the building where they show off the quilts and their ribbons and I just stood at our 10x20 tent, holding onto a pole, enjoying every moment. 

All the vendors around us where in a panic. Tents and canopies were flying high, frames mangled and tables toppling over. People running for safety. At one point, we saw a 10x10 tent straddling the flag pole that was pointing to the winds of change. 

And I just stood there. 

In awe. 

People rushed over to see what they could do to help us and I said just to hold on. We had anchors in all the feet but 4 of the 6 had popped out of the ground. We just held on. I'm pretty sure I was smiling the whole time. Calm as can be. (This is so unlike me... I'm usually the panicked one!)

People were trying to convince me that we needed to move all the warmers to the ground, which to them was a very rational decision, and to me it would have normally been, but not tonight. Tonight, I just needed to be and watch The Lord work. 

People where holding onto every leg. We talked about Scentsy like the booth was still open. We giggled about how holding the sides down was a total body workout, as we watched others scrambling and scared. (I wanted to help others but new if I let go, our tent would be next!)

I know that The Lord was asking me to just trust him. Would I worry? Would I fear over material objects being ruined? Not this time. 

Here are a few photos of the aftermath.
Joel photographed these shots but I wish I could have taken more in action shots. My hands were too wet to hold the phone. 

When it was time to go I was so happy to see that not a single warmer tipped over. Not a single bar fell off its rack. 

God is so good and I will continue to see his power and might when I'm faced with stressful situations. He is growing me and I'm thankful. 

I'm tired now. 

Ill be back to clean up our area, dust off the dirt and be ready to start slingin' wax in 10 hours! 

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