Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Top 11 Baby Must Haves

So much has changed between having our last two kiddos! Like almost everything!

We thought we were done having kiddos after Alyn was born because of some health issues. We had sold or donated EVERY piece of baby anything that we had.  

But The Lord has something else planned for us. 

Little Avin Janes. 

We had to start all over in the whole baby shopping department. It was a complete blast to shop as we got closer to the her birth. Everything was so cool! (And I like to shop so this was so much fun!)

I've been asked by a lot of moms and mommy-to-be's what I feel has been an absolute must have. 

Here is my Top 11 Baby Must Haves: (I couldn't stop at just 10 ;) just click on titles to take you to the product page. 

Amber Teething Necklace: I swear by these necklaces! Avin has 5 teeth and has only been given Tylenol one times (before I had her wearing this consistently!) Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory so people with arthritis pain wear amber jewelry. Some smart mama thought to make little amber beaded necklaces for the babies to help with teething... And I thank her! Avin has been wearing hers since she was 4 1/2 months old. Just like her earrings, she is not bothered by them or play around with them because that is all she knows. A couple weeks ago, in forgot her necklace on our trip. She was so irritable and very unlike herself. She was also very drooly and her shirt was constantly wet. When we got home, I put on her necklace and the next daybshebead back to her sweet self and completely dry! If you don't feel comfortable having on babies neck, you can put them on their ankles or wrist by double wrapping. 
Aden + Anais Cozy Sleeping Bag: Avin has never liked to be swaddled. Since day one, she had her arms out of her blankets. I guess she like that freedom. Now that she is a bit bigger, we love this sleep sack to keep her warm at night without having her sleep with any blankets that she could get stuck in. Love this thing!
 Aden + Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets: Bamboo is amazing! Muslin is precious! The two combined are these super soft (gets softer with each wash!) blankets! We carry at least 2-3 of them with me all the time. They are pretty large and can even be used as a cover while nursing! Just tie two corners in a knot, slip around your neck and you can nurse comfortably anywhere. Because its so lightweight and breathable, Avin doesn't try to tug her way out from underneath of it (especially in public! Nursing mamas nightmare to have baby expose booby for the whole world to see!) 
 ERGObaby Baby Carrier: After seeing a sweet friend use her ergo baby carrier last fall, I knew I needed one - and duh! The one with the stars please! When she was really little, I found this little nugget to be such a sanity and time saver. I could do house work, work in the office and even cook dinner while Avin was safe inside. She is such a cat napper and even now at 8 months, if I want her to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time, I just strap her on and out she goes! 
 Boon Naked Collapsible Bath Tub: I just loved this baby bath tub because it can incline when their little to keep babies ears and head out of water. With the silicone (colored part), you can form it to whichever way you want baby to bath. When you're finished, you just push it down and it lays flat! It also had a hook on the back so you can hang off towel rack by bath tub (my tub worked perfectly for this!) so it could dry and I didn't have to even really see it! Bonus!
 Scentsy Baby Buddy: oh little Baby Ribbert, you stole my heart with this little tadpole tail. Avin likes that too! She'll chew on that all day long! We put a fruity scented scent pak in his back and he really makes everything of hers smell amazing! I've gotten do many compliments in how awesome little Avin smells and it has to be the Camu Camu scent pak! When she plays with her little frog (by play, I mean chew and hit and slobber all over him!) she is rubbing the scent all over herself and her blankets. When stored in diaper bag too, it makes it all smell so good! I even put a few of the baby links toys through the zipper sober can hook him on the stroller and go-pod.
Plum Baby Spoon Boon: I think these are brilliant! Ok so I thought the food in the pouches we brilliant too, but the spoon?! So convenient. We are a family on the go, so this makes meal time just really easy!

 Kid Co. Go-Pod: As just mentioned, we go, go, go!  From softball games, long road trips, days at the river or water parks. Airports and concerts. This has been a life saver! The Go-Pod is like a portable baby gym thingy. (I love the word thingy!) It has a mesh cup pocket and a solid cup pocket right in front of Avin so she can have her snacks and drink right next to her the whole time she's in there. Joel likes to put the snacks in the left pocket ;)  I think he's hoping for a left handed softball player in the future! Notice the little black loops? Perfect to use the baby links to keep toys always within reach! It even has a 'floor' so her feet don't get all dirty and get poked by the rocks or grass. It all folds up in the little camping chair carrier bag thingy (there I go again!) This makes it super convenient to carry around. I even managed to take it all the way to Indianapolis by myself with Avin and it saved my arms many hours of holding her. The only thing that would make it better is a removable umbrella for when you're stuck outside in the sun all day :)
 Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Boxy Backpack: This is a bit of an investment but totally worth it! There is a place for everything! It had a fold out changing pad than can be removed for washing and it's so easy to plop up or down anywhere you are changing baby and they never have to touch the floor or the icky diaper changing stations! With pockets on the outside, it's easy to store extra binkies and your keys too! It has a thick, adjustable cross body strap that is comfortable and also has backpack straps so the big girls can help carry it when needed too. Did I mention that it's kind of vinyl like on the outside so super easy to keep clean?! Love!
Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser: If your baby poops, you need these! Just sayin' ;)

 Zoli Snack Stacker: from Citrus Lane subscription Avin's last Citrus Lane box had these gem inside! When filled with rice stars, veggie meltaways or baby Cheetos, it's the perfect way to always have little snacks with us. You can use for formula too. The too is like a little spout that makes it easy to pour out the little snacks and not make a big mess. So whether you want one section or all four, the choice is yours!

If you haven't heard of CitrusbLane, check out their monthly subscriptions. It's always fun to get a baby package at your door. 
Well I hope this helps.  These products make motherhood a little more easy for me. 

What's your favorite baby product?


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