Sunday, August 4, 2013

Is It Bedtime Yet?

I've told you before but I totally stink at routines. No schedules. No 'this happens like this everyday'. 

But let's take a minute and talk about bedtime. 

You know, the 'normal' routine. 

Bath, lotion, pjs, reading, prayers, kisses and then you're off to visit Mr Sandman. 

That's what we do for the littles anyway. Why don't we do that for ourselves?

I feel like almost all day, every day, is a rush. So by the time it's time for me to go to bed, I'm exhausted. Total night owl here! Just look at the time. I have the hardest time making myself take the make up off and wash my face. (Ha! Who am I kidding? Most days there is no make up :) I rarely make it to even putting the pjs on. (Don't judge) 

I like sleep too. I can sleep for 10 hours a night and never feel relaxed.  

I think I need to start treating myself to a little more of a routine. 

Take a bath: yes, I sometimes have to put this in as a to do in my planner (come on... Yes I shower but I mean a nice soak and relax bath!) I would love to soak a nice hot tub with French lavender bath tablets for a good 20-30 minutes. Raise my body temperature just enough so when it starts to cool down, I'm just super sleepy. Oh my, I can just imagine it now. 

Put on my pjs: oh great, see now I'm just realizing that I really don't have pjs. I either sleep in the shirt I'm wearing or one of Joel's shirts. Oh what I would do to have some nice, comfy, light pjs. (Ok, like I should just go to Target and buy some already!)

Read a good book: I've tried reading leadership books at night or some good theology books but then I get so sleepy and never remember what I read. I need a easy to follow but still fast paced enough fiction novel. Nothing scary or suspenseful. Just all around good book. What would you recommend?

Prayer: this one is easy. I pray every night before I go to bed. This is like the big finale of my all the prayers I send up throughout the day. 

Snugglin' in: I love our bed. It's a king size something or other, with a kind of pillow top. (That explains it to a T doesn't it?!) we splurged a couple years ago and got a down topper to go over the pillow top, bamboo sheets and pillow cases so they help control our body temperature. (I truly believe that helps us sleep well through the night.) We even purchased pillow that help your neck rest in the perfect position. Between the bamboo and the pillows, we rarely move a muscle at night. It's like sleeping on a cloud of perfection.... Well, almost. 

My goodness, I'm going to start turning this blissful post into reality. It's time for me to start easing myself into a restful sleep and not slamming myself into the next day. 

What does your routine look like?

Sorry no photos today. You didn't want to see any pictures if me getting ready for bed.... Scary!



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  1. Books anything by Debbie Macomber is a fast light read... if you are sleeping 10 hours and not feeling relaxed I would get a sleep study... I found out I have had sleep apnea almost my entire life! I have horrible bed time routine so no help there ;)