Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lazy River Mom Forever

 I choose to be a 'yes' mom. I want to savor every moment with our girls. Time goes too fast.

Every day I wake up wanting to be a better mom. I pray for patience (don't tell me I'm not suppose to pray for that... I need it!). I pray for a giving heart. I pray to be focused and attentive to our girls' needs. I pray to be consumed in the little moments of our day.

None of this comes easy for me. Hence the word pray. I can't do it on my own.

I've learned from a sweet friend that I need to protect the time I have with my family.
To find joy every day.
Today we did just that.

We got up... did our school work... and picked up the house because we were expecting a dinner guest. We were finished by 12:30pm so I had a crazy idea.... Let's go to the water park! I'm not a spontaneous person. I like to have a plan. But I knew the girls would get a kick out being surprised! And they were!

We were all in the car and ready to have fun the rest of the afternoon.

I'm not much of a water park person. I mean, it's fun and all, but I'm not a fan of getting wet. (or being in my bathing suit)  I don't like to get my hair wet either. I have bangs now and as you can see, I can look like a complete goof with my white hair plastered to my face.

But that didn't matter today. Today was about my girls.

I yearned to see the look of complete joy on their faces. I wanted to see those funny toothed grins. I wanted to hear those giggles that make every mama's heart just melt.

I have been to this water park 4 times this year with the girls. I never got in the water. I always used Avin as an excuse to stay dry and covered up in my corner of the lawn under the big shaded umbrella.

But today.... today I felt free. I felt free of all my insecurities for the sake of my children's joy.

I got lost in the moments of just being present. Lost in the moments of just being a parent. Loving on baby snuggles in the shade. Floating down the lazy river with the middle. Playing model for the camera for my big.

Tonight as I was telling Alyn goodnight - she said today was one of her favorite days because I went down the lazy river with her and I didn't get mad that she drenched me with the water buckets.

If she is this easily filled with joy, I shall get drenched more often. I will go on EVERY lazy river with her for the rest of my life.


(There are no photos of Arly because today she was the photographer + she had a friend there too!)

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