Sunday, August 18, 2013

No Phone, No Service? No Problem

Did you notice last night that there wasn't a blog post?! There is a longish short story. Here it goes:

Friday night we got home late from visiting our sweet friends at a cabin about 85 miles west of where we live. We had such a nice time catching up... Seriously relaxing and good for the soul. (More on that trip later)

We didn't get home until 12:45am and I was the only one still awake... Good thing because I was driving! 

When we got home everyone was so dog tired (no pun intended) except the dog. Caesar, our little Japanese Chin, had missed us and was stuck at home for 10 hours by himself. Now he was ready to play! No way Jose! We all went to bed. 

Since we got home so late we decided to sleep in on Saturday before heading up to our annual church camp at Camp Utmost. Well, we woke up to a dog that was puking and walking sideways! We were nervous to leave him home alone so our dear friend Brenna took him for the night. (He totally wasn't himself the whole time at her house on Saturday but seems to be doing ok today) <---- strange!

Now, I hadn't packed for our overnight yet so I was up rushing around like a mad, crazy, super crabby woman so we could get up to camp Saturday morning. I was barking orders, flinging things into bags and totally lost my phone. Like LOST! Could not find it anywhere. 

I actually almost ripped the whole house apart looking for it when a wave of peace came over me. (My phone is the only way I take photos so I realllllllly wanted it for the weekend) I was ok to leave the phone at home and look for it later. 

So off we went. And our adventure began. 

We drove straight to Seeley Lake (some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see!). I was happy because our big girls were so excited to be at camp and with their friends. Plus it was Avin's first time at the lake!

A few photos I took from Joel's phone:
(Who's child is this??!?! Ewww!)
Lake day at camp is our family favorite. The landscape is breathtaking, the laughter is contagious and the fellowship is heart warming. 

I won't share every detail tonight because I'm sleepy but I apparently have more energy than these two. 

I tried to blog late last night while up with a certain little 8 month old until all the wee hours of the morning. But we had NO cell service. Like nada. Zilch. I did have a slight panic because I really wanted to make sure I was posting every night but I think The Lord was wanting me to be silent and just be still. (Well, and try to nurse little Avin 87 times and walk her up and down the small room and even go on midnight walks to try to get her to sleep!)
When she finally went to sleep (for the first leg of about 12!) I got to listen to the storm. I was refreshed by the thunder, lightning and rain. 

No phone, no service... No problem when you are in the presence of The Lord, your family and your church. 

Stay tuned for the stories on the rest of the weekend. 


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