Friday, August 30, 2013

Feature Friday.

It's another Friday (I've been doing every other Friday) and it's time to feature another successful Scentsy Team member.

The following girl I have known my WHOLE life! It's my big sister Jenna O'Grady! 

This is her story:

Hello, I’m Jenna O’Grady Director of Team Sniff~a~licious! I currently live in Olympia WA with my husband and 2 daughters. My Scentsy story started just shy of 5 years ago….

My family was stationed in Hawaii and my sister had just started selling this new product, called Scentsy.  I wasn’t a huge candle fan so when she asked me to buy from her I told her “I’m just really not into candles.” She then asked me to join her team…..that certainly was NOT going to happen, ha! So about a month later she sent me a warmer and 3 bars for my birthday, along with 1 catalog so I could see it ALL. When I opened the box I thought wow this warmer is cute, and the smells…AMAZING!!! I quickly plugged it in and dropped a cube in.  About an hour later my doorbell rang, my neighbor wanted to know what that amazing smell coming from my house was.  In HI we always had our windows open and she could smell it in her house! She instantly wanted to order. In the next week everyone who came into our home wanted this product that I had fallen in LOVE with, in one week I had over $500 in sales! Wow if it’s that easy and the product is so awesome why am I giving these sales to my sister….yep we know what happened next I joined her team and became a Scentsy consultant!

Fast-forward 4 years I now have an AMAZING team of over 100 amazing ladies and gentlemen too, which I never would have imagined!  We continue to grow in business and friendships!

Being a military wife and a stay at home mommy, Scentsy has been the perfect fit for us! It’s given me the opportunity to meet new people, volunteer in my girls classrooms and I’m still able to chauffeur them to all their activities!  With no worries of punching any clocks or asking for time off! 

The income and opportunity is endless! The friendships are amazing! And the trips are phenomenal! Not only have I been able to earn fabulous trips (that I would never have been able to afford on my own), earn generous commission checks, etc. I have made so many wonderful, lifelong friends that I would have never met if it weren’t for Scentsy.  My family is so glad I found something that I love so much AND gives me plenty of time to spend with them!!!!  I am so blessed to have a job where every time I go to work - I end up at a party!!

I love that Jenna is on this crazy awesome Scentsy journey with me. We get to see more of each other because of all the events including FREE trips to the tropical beaches! I love you Jenna!!!!!

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