Thursday, August 1, 2013

Double Feature

I have never been to a drive in movie theater before so when we were driving to Billings last night I remembered some friends telling us there was a theater in Laurel (last one in Montana) 

I've really been working in being more of a 'yes mom' and I knew this little adventure would make memories to last a lifetime!

This is us arriving right on time at 8pm because that's when the website said the gates open. We were one of the first cars here ready to see Turbo! How exciting!!!!
The gate lady told us that the show will start at 930pm.... Ok, we can handle that. They have a fun, ummm creepy-ish amusement park here too. 

Take a look. 
(See the creepy clown in the yellow taxi?!?! My brother in law would have been running out of that snack shack faster than ummm... Anything super fast!)

It was much to our surprise when the the first movie started, it was NOT what we came for!!! It was Smurfs 2 and inside I was fuming! I'm not a fan of the Smurfs... Like at all. Now I was bummed. 

I sent Joel off walking to the gate lady to ask what was going on. When he got back to the car, he was happy (well kinda) to report that it was a DOUBLE FEATURE!!! 

Now the adventure is on!

This meant that we had to wait until 1130 pm to watch the movie we came to watch. Did I mention we have an almost 8 month old MOBILE baby who is not the most fun to keep happy in the car?!?! Well.... We do! 
Did I also mention that this is a working vacation for Joel? Well... It is. He has to be up at 7am and now we won't be back to our room until probably 2am. 

But, tonight isn't about us. And what can go wrong. (Even if it means sitting through the WHOLE Smurfs2 movie)

Tonight is about the big girls. Tonight is about learning to go with the flow and make it the best night because of all the things that are right in our lives. Tonight is about cotton candy, licorice and popcorn!

Tonight is about this:
Us. Together. 

We need to spend more quality time together. More nights like tonight. More big smiles from our girls. More laughs from us. Now it's time to finally watch Turbo!!!!
PS. Joel is sleeping. Avin is sleeping. I'm enjoying my girls giggling at the big screen. 


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  1. This post totally made me laugh...I think back to the conversation we had at Convention about you not liking the Smurfs. Oh the Irony...I love it. Keep 'em coming, Miss Jari.