Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I <3 Photos

My whole life I have loved to take photos. Of just about anything. Anyone. Anywhere that I was. 

Since becoming a mother, I have taken the whole photo taking to a whole new level. There are some days when I will have taken a out 70-80 photos during our very normal, every day days. 

I have also recently fell in love with my iPhone 5. It takes pretty good photos and videos for a phone. I love how handy it is because I have it on me all the time. Like right now... Because i do NOT want to open that crappy laptop. 

I love to edit my photos and get asked a lot - many times each day - which apps I use to make them oh so pretty. 

These are my favorite photo apps. 

A Beautiful Mess is probably my favorite and I even found a new feature on it tonight while we were on our  5 hour road trip! 

I also love Fuzel because you can make collages in super cute designs. 

Rhonda is adorable. But for some reason it is difficult for me to navigate and find my way through.  

Instagram - duh! Everyone should have an Instagram profile. Find me, follow, and we can see each others photos!

AfterLight is all things lovely. You gotta try this one out. 

I don't use instaframe much anymore unless I just need a simple side by side photo. And then I use ABM to edit it anyway :)

Collect is one of my favorites! Because I take so many pictures of everyday life, I want to see them laid out before me. Each day, I 'collect' my favorite photo and put save it onto the calendar for that date. I love love to go back and look at our life for that month in photos. 

What are your favorite photo apps? Do you take a ton of photos too? How do you organize them all? Are you always the photographer and never the subject of the photo? I highly encourage you to take one self portrait a day for the next month! It seems silly at first, but you'll appreciate all the shots of you in your every day life. Go ahead, I dare you! I wanna see them! I'm on day 10 and its starting to get pretty creative. 

Here are a few if mine self portraits. 

Share your links when you start your challenge :)



  1. I'm horrible with doing anything with our photos. We go in spurts with taking a lot but then I don't do anything with them. I'll have to try out some of your apps and find you on instagram!

    1. You should try Collect! It's so fun to see it all in one spot. Like the cutest little calendar of memories :)