Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Mind is Full

Today Joel and I participated in a biblical counseling class at our church, Sovereign Hope. The topics covered were Depression and Anger. It was an incredible class and I thought for sure the whole teaching was being directed at me.

My hand was flying all day taking notes and I learned so much about me but even more about God. I am in awe that He is so big, amazing, awesome, sovereign (I could go on and on) that even if we learned as much as I did today, every day, for all of eternity, we'll never fully know how awesome He is. Now that's a God I want to serve.
I'm still trying to process it all. A few notes I took:

More can be done than we often ask or imagine by God's grace. - We must be CONSUMED by the gospel - progressive sanctification.

Sadness is trying to be stomped out for the idol of happiness.... appropriate sadness is being treated as a disease :(

EVERYTHING changes at the Cross!

God is ALWAYS working in our lives.... Always - in every circumstance.

The day of judgment has NOTHING to do with sin when you believe :)

All sinful anger is an ungodly handling of life.

Anger is murder in the heart.

You have to WANT to change - God WILL change your desires.

Trusting God is living out His Word.

And so much more. 
I want to take more of those classes soon!

Joel had today and tomorrow off as we were originally going to be having company, but plans changed and we spent the majority of the evening at the ball fields. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the love of your life teaching two little beings that mean the whole world to you, how to improve at their passion. They LOVE softball! Joel made the girls take a 2 week break after State to just rest and not think about the bright yellow ball! Well, today, 2 weeks were up and they were chomping at the bit to get ready for try-outs at the end of summer. 
This is one of my favorite photos. I love these people so much.
Avin is fascinated by her big sisters. She will be pitching in no time I'm sure.

I'm so late writing this post - and feel I'm talking in circles because it's almost 2 hours past my bedtime - because our laptops are on the fritz. This one drops the internet right in the middle of writing... the other one just stops working and goes black.  Do you know anything about computers? What can I do to fix these guys? What is your favorite laptop? To MAC or not to MAC... that is the question.

Tomorrow will be a post full of photos as we get our 'splash' on as a family!
I could get used to Joel being home... all the time :)


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  1. The one that goes black could be a cooling fan on the fritz. When the processor gets too hot, it should shut down until it's cool enough to work again. There could also be a short someplace.

    The one dropping the Internet could be a number of things. Have you run a virus scan lately? Does it do it everyplace, or just at home? Try to pinpoint a pattern. That may help you figure out if the problem truly lies with the PC.

    MACs are generally very good, but they are expensive. PCs are ok, but prone to issues like the ones you're experiencing, especially as they age. I've had both a MAC and PC that were still in working condition after 8 years. The PC required a new power supply after 6 or 7 years. The MAC was solid the entire time I owned it. In my opinion, you should get what you're most comfortable with.