Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here Comes the BOOM!

Strong title huh?

Well, I didn't even know this was the title of a movie until Joel brought it home from RedBox the other night (yes we still have it... we are 'those' kind of RedBox users!)

I <3 Kevin James! King of Queens is one of my favorite, laugh til you cry, TV sitcoms. Mall Cop <--- LOVE segways! Grown Ups.... HILARIOUS! I'm looking forward to Grown Ups 2 coming soon.

Now, something you should maybe know about me... I don't sit and watch a whole lot of movies. Not without my phone anyway. I love to cruise Pinterest, and other home decor sites so I can gather decorating ideas for our home. (That's a whole other post - or ten - later because our home looks like we just moved in and it's been almost 2 years!)

But as I was surfin' Targets furniture sale via my iPhone (which there are a TON of super cute trendy pieces that I would love to have - and on clearance!), I actually put the electronic device down, and started laughing. This movie is so good. It has a great, feel good story line to it.  I highly recommend it.

Note: I am NOT into UFC, fighting or anything bloody. Just not my style I guess. But this movie was GREAT!

Now I feel like I'm Sisco & Ebert giving my "TWO THUMBS UP" when I should be calling for Mr. Sandman.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day! The big girls and I set up the garage today to have a BIG HUGE APPRECIATE BLOW OUT PARTY Scentsy Family Style. We've pulled out ALL of our Scentsy, Velata & Grace Adele. Tonight we hung up signs all through town and tomorrow morning we'll put on the finishing touches. If you are around our area tomorrow from 10am - 3pm stop by! We'd love to see you! We'll have cool refreshing drinks all day long too :)

We've been working our Scentsy Family business for 5 years now and this is our way to say THANK YOU to our community, friends, family, customers and hostesses for helping us be successful. 


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