Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scatterbrain... all day, every day

I still have 12 minutes!... I only have 12 MINUTES! I said I was going to write every day for a whole year... and I'm on day three and I onl..... 11 MINUTES!!!!!

Some days I feel like I can't keep ANYTHING straight... Like I have 1.3 million things to do... but I always get side tracked... I have so many ideas, needs, desires, and plans and goals upstairs but I  - - - 10 MINUTES!!!!

Where was I? What was I talking about? Oh yeah, GROCERY SHOPPING!
Today I finally went grocery shopping. It was long over due. I haven't been home and cooking in almost 10 days and I was craving some good, summer time meals. You know... BBQ chicken on the grill, spicy hot potatoes on the grill, bacon wrapped salmon on the grill, corn on the cob on the grill... Yep, we like to grill!

Ooooo... that big beautiful pineapple would look good on the grill!

See how my brain works?!?! It takes a LOT of effort to get my thoughts out on 'paper' in an orderly fashion. I know this blog is going to help hone my writing skills. It'll come with time... until then, please be patient with me :)

Menu planning, as you have heard, has never been the easiest thing for me. Well, not even easiest... it has been almost none existent for way too long. Like my whole life.

BUT, with the help of Pinterest (see what I find P-Interesting on the top right corner of this page) and fellow bloggers I'm really going to give it a go... for real this time.

Today, the girls and I wrote out ideas and things that we would like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week or two. It was so much fun teaching them how to plan a well-balanced meal. (see home schooling happens EVERY DAY!) - This is Arly's list - at first she wanted sausage sandwich with a side of bacon! Ha! Good thing we bought that half a hog! :)

I'll be sharing a few of our creations throughout the days and I hope you'll share your family favorites with me too!

Tonight we had Baja Citrus Chicken on the grill (LOVE the grill! -- speaking of grill, do y'all grill all year round? We only have about 3 months of summer here in the mountains of Montana but we grill even when we have to shovel the snow off the top) - Joel also made some potato wedges which he grilled in tinfoil with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and wing sauce, sprinkled with garlic salt. I do believe a version of this delicious side dish originated from my sister, Jackie, and we ate it MANY years ago when she lived in NC. That was Joel and my first trip together - - driving from SD to NC with NO CRUISE CONTROL and NO NAPS! Young and dumb adventurous! <---- that's a whole other story for another day.

Ok what were we talking about? I think I just started day-dreaming about my main squeeze when I should be night dreaming with him now.

Oh yeah - - I'm going to start sharing our yummy (mostly healthy) dishes with you in hopes that you'll share yours with me!

Uh oh - now it's midnight - - times up!

Thanks for spending another day with me!
Until tomorrow. (When I will share a MIRACLE with you! - well, 2 of them!)


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