Monday, September 2, 2013

Spry Family Adventure

Up early, packed bags, woke girls up, hit the road!

Where were we going? They never knew!

Was this our stop? I think not!

Are we getting close?
So close!

I was chatting with my sister of Friday and she said that they were in Eastern Washington camping for a week and that it was probably close to half way to our house. 

Jenna and I have the opportunity to see each other a few times each year because of Scentsy but our families do not. The last time we were all together was over Thanksgiving last year when my mom and sisters and their families came to visit us about 2 weeks before Avin was born. 

Joel and I made the easy decision that we had to go see them if they were that close (5 hour drive) so we traded out a few shifts for stadium clean up and church info booth. 

We got home from our date night (must do that more often!) and started packing all the bags. 

Camping chairs. Cooler. Stroller. Swimsuits. Lots of towels. 

Yep. It's a water weekend. 
(Even the dog is loving it!)
Beach. Sand. Swimming. 
Broken boat. 
Captain Avin. 

It's beautiful here. We love being with family. 

I also love that there is no service for our phones here.  Peaceful. 

More tomorrow. 


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