Monday, September 23, 2013

52 Reasons We Love You DIY

Seriously the EASIEST little gift that might bring a tear or two to the recipient.

I know this has been around the block but it just popped into my head today.

Joel turned 34 today and to be honest, we don't really do much for each other on birthdays. I mean, I guess we do have something special to eat, we shower each other with love and hugs, and maybe a dessert (which tonight was a race to our local DQ to get 4 mini blizzards.... in the nick of time! Alyn and I cruised down the road, hit the green light and rolled up to the drive-thru at 9:00pm. They close at 9:00pm. They served us. HAPPY!)

A couple years ago, we did this for Joel.  Sweet sentiments throughout the day that we text him.
(awe... the girls were so little then. Adorable)

Today we did something similar with a deck of cards. We split the deck of 52 up between the 3 of us... Avin got a few cards too and showed her affection for her daddy by eating part of the cover card. We simply took a sharpie marker and wrote down the reasons we love Joel.
After some delicious Mustard Seed take-out, we had planned to play a quick family card game of Rummy before the Broncos creamed the Raiders. (Joel has been a Broncos fan for life!)

He is always the Official Shuffler and Dealer, so when he opened the deck, he noticed his gift.
He sat there and read them all aloud. It was a special moment for our family. He is my #1 on Earth and probably the same for our girls.

Happy Birthday my Love. 


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