Saturday, September 28, 2013

Inspired to Be Better Me

Today I attended the 'home going' service for a beautiful woman. One that I only had the privilege of meeting once.

My sweet friend Kaylyn lost her mom last week very unexpectedly to leukemia. Today they had a beautiful service for her beloved mother and I left with soaked eyes and a full heart.

The words you wrote to your mom were so loving and really touched everyone in the church today. Especially me. I feel as though I know your mom and that she was complete joy to be around. As I sit here and type this post, my heart swells with sorrow for knowing how you are sure to miss your moms hugs and laugh. As we sang today, 'It is well with my soul,' I know that you are comforted with sure faith that your sweet mom is in the presence of The Lord and is complete perfection. When you shared how much your mom meant to you and your brother, it made me really stop and think. I could feel the love in your family. Everyone could.

To be honest, I want that same kind of love with my kids. I might have it. I don't know. But I do know that I crave it. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and stirring affection in me today.

I want to be more present in the everyday.
I want to be into the little moments.
I want to love my girls like there's no tomorrow on earth.
I want to honor my husband more and love him with every fiber of my being.
I want to be a better sister, daughter, auntie, friend.

Thank you for loving your mom. Thank you for loving Jesus. Thank you for showing me how to be better. I love you dear friend.


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