Friday, September 20, 2013

Off to Shcool

Today was the first day of our Shcool co-op. Yes I know that it's not spelled correctly but it is :) 
Last year a few of us moms named our church homeschool co-op, SHCool. Sovereign Hope is cool is how it came about. And it's funny because that is exactly how we pronounce it- shhhcool :)

Anyway, I've been very involved the last two years with teaching, set up, clean up and most importantly, spending time with my homeschoolin' mamas. I cherish my time with each of them. 

However, this year I just couldn't do it. It broke my heart to have to let it go, but I knew it was the right decision the moment I told the moms. 

You see, I wear many hats. Wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, cook, housekeeper, diaper changer, baby chaser, bible study host, customer service, trainer, party girl, leader to hundreds of Scentsy Family consultants. 

To be very honest, I wasn't wearing any of my hats well. Somehow, I got lost in the mix of life... Overwhelmed by just trying to get from day to day. 

After much prayer, I knew that something I had failed to do forever is set boundaries. I had to start protecting my time with my family. I had to start focusing and loving my husband better. I had to start being a better mom every day. I had to start leading and building relationships with my Scentsy team. 

So, some things had to go. Some hats had to temporarily get put on the shelf. 

I feel good. I feel like I can conquer my to do list... With a joyful heart. 


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