Sunday, November 10, 2013

From Sunday to Monday.... and WINNER announced!

Joel and I spent a few hours on Friday and Saturday at a conference put on by the City Forum (a group of local churches who bring in speakers to spur Christ-centered missions)

The speaker, Hugh Whelchel (Executive Director of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics), really spoke to our hearts on how Christians sometimes leave their faith at church and home and don't extend that into our jobs.

Whether you are a claims manager, stay-at-home-schooling mama, teacher, lawyer, dental assistant, mechanic, plumber, counselor, chef, coach, independent consultant, accountant, painter, photographer, cashier... whatever you do, you are placed in your workplace by God; for God's Kingdom.

Your work is important to God.

He wants to use you exactly where He has you. Hearing that really helped me.

I struggle with the feeling of inadequacy. I find that often I am comparing myself with others. I'm not good enough. Why can't I be more like that? Am I as good of a mom as her? Am I doing enough for my team and customers? She just planned ANOTHER date night with her man?!?

But when I let go of social media, I started comparing myself less. Almost to the point of no comparison and it's amazingly peaceful.

After hearing that I am exactly where He has me, I can be confident in myself. I can know that being at home with my girls is my biggest mission. Serving my family joyfully is my calling right now. Leading women to understand they can be successful through direct sales is another mission of mine. Knowing the truth that comparison is the thief of joy. It causes discontentment which is a sinful behavior.

I want to let all my readers, friends, family, customers, team members know that YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. I want you to know that I am not perfect. I don't have it all together. So if you have ever compared yourself to me, I'm sorry.

Hugh said, "We won't have a meaningful life without work... but work must not be the meaning of your life." Our relationships with Christ and others is the meaning of our life. But what we do today, and HOW we do it EVERY DAY, matters eternally. We were made to work... and we will be working forever. It's not WHAT you do... but HOW you do it.

I encourage each one of you to go to work tomorrow - - whether at home or in an office - - and serve others with an eternal perspective. Serve joyfully.

I've realized that it's time to be responsible with what we've been so graciously given... and what we do with it.


I used to pick a winner. There were 28 comments.... and the WINNER IS......

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make homemade Blackend Chicken Alfredo! {My hubby loves it too :) } 
Jesica Rokohl, Houston, TX

Congrats Jesica! Please email me your address and I will get your goody sent your way!

How did you all like a giveaway?!? Pretty fun right? Be checking back because I love to give and am excited for more opportunities to gift some of my favorites to you!

Have a lovely Sunday evening... I'm off to work on my Sunday 7 and plan out our CRAZY busy week! It's time to get back on the planning game.... I haven't used my planner in 4 weeks! SCARY! (so unlike me... I think my mind was way overwhelmed to even think about compiling thoughts and appointments... now that I have more time and clarity, I think I'll be on time more :)



  1. Thank you for being you...your words have helped me with some of my struggles. -Loretta

  2. even though I didn't win - love giveaways - and love getting to see a piece of you everyday...hugs

  3. Congratulations Jessica and thank you jari for revealing your authentic self to us. You have a Christ like heart and I am so glad you aren't perfect. Love you and your honest and fun blog......#142167