Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh What a Feeling.

I guess it has been a while since I've posted. I honestly thought it had been just a day but my sister informed me tonight that it's been since Thursday.... Ooops. Sorry. Time flies when you're cramming in a month of to-dos in a weeks time. Hoofta!

At least I know I'm loved. By not spending any time on social media, I do need to make it a point to be here everyday to make sure that the people who want to keep up with the Spry's have a place to do that... (that and because I said I would and I'm working hard on sticking to my word like glue.)

Here is where we are at on the whole vehicle situation.

We sold our Pathfinder over a week ago and have been stuffing our 5 person family in a our little commuter car, Honda Civic. It's actually been pretty easy since Joel was gone all last week for work and had a rental. But today we had the weekly Costco trip and a trunk full of Scentsy deliveries. Talk about sardines.

We had looked at a 2007 Suburban that we found in town but after giving it a test drive and having it inspected, it just wasn't going to work for our family. I'm sure it'll find a good home.

Joel had found a 2008 Suburban on Craigslist in Billings, but it was actually a couple that lived in Cheyenne, WY. Quite a ways away from us. He called the posted number and ended up talking with the owner who was from Missoula and was actually going to be coming back here for Thanksgiving! HOLY MOLY... how perfect was that?!? We had seen photo and this baby was everything we were looking for in a used Suburban... low miles, white, bucket 2nd row, leather, entertainment, towing package (whatever that means really!) and navigation (Great for Scentsy delieveries and events).

So we had worked out a deal that when this family from Wyoming got here, we would test drive it and 90% sure we would buy it. (It has proven to be VERY difficult to find the exact vehicle we want!)

It all seemed like a God thing. Everything was falling into place perfectly.

But then I started having the yuckiest feeling in my stomach. It started on Friday... like a nervous feeling, knotted stomach that would come and go. I thought it had to do with something completely different and just couldn't figure out why I would feel that way.

All through yesterday that feeling kept coming back. This morning throughout church it came back and wouldn't go away. We went to lunch with some friends after church (waiting in town so we could test drive this Suburban) and as we were getting ready to order, Joel's phone rang and my gut wrenched hard. He stepped away not knowing who was calling.... I just kept hearing him say "Oh no!"... "Are you guys ok?"... "Is there anything you need?".... "I can't believe it!"

I knew it had to do with the vehicle. Instantly my stomach, gut wrench, yucky, uneasy feeling was gone. Like it had never happened.

He walked back to me and told me that as the couple was driving up to Missoula, the engine blew up on the Suburban that we were about to purchase and go on a 1600 mile road trip with.

As I was so thankful for finding out before we purchase, my heart still hurts for the young family who was now not able to be with their family for Thanksgiving.  That stinks.

But I love The Lord's timing. He is in control of ALL things. Always.

So... back to the drawing board. We think we might be choosing a different direction after searching tirelessly for what we need.... Please pray for wisdom that we would make a good decision. We have 2 days before our big trip.

Oh and don't forget about our Advent Calendar giveaway! I've been working, planning and thinking of which activities, recipes and crafts we're going to try.

Now I'm off work on my Sunday 7... time to get everything planned!


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