Friday, November 15, 2013

Goodbye Grinder

We have officially outgrown our current family mobile. Our Nissan Pathfinder found a new home today. 

I always get a little attached to things we have spent so much time in. We put over 120,000 miles worth of memories, moments and dreams in our 'grinder'... 

Story time:

Long story short I purchased an 1987 Pathfinder from my sister (first vehicle that was mine all mine) that was a manual. When you can't find 'em, grind 'em was my motto so hence all pathfinders from that time on would be lovingly nicknamed 'grinder.'

But really, this beauty moved us 860 miles across our most familiar lands, to a make a home in the mountains where The Lord led us to Himself. 

She helped get our business up off the ground running... Each delivery, each fair and show, each party and coffee date. 

She bravely trekked us up the mountains to go skiing and traveled through some slippery passes to get to airports with a tropical destination. 

I'm going to miss her. She was so good to us. 

Goodbye Grinder... Take care of your new owner in Colorado. 


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